The Impact Of Achievement Motivation Training On Small Businesses Research Proposal Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:49:00
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The report is directed towards the corporate members of an organization since they are better placed to ensure organizational goals from the available resources are met. The best recommended method would be peer training since it is one of the best methods for sharing information among organizational employees in situations that they frequently move to new jobs, firms or even teams. The report is about training needs analysis. It tries to describe how impact training has back on the job and also the effects of peer training. Analysis is done so as to determine the different needs of each department. This way, it is easier to determine their training needs.
Two sources will be used during the creation of the report. The first source is by David Miron, and David C. McClelland titled “The Impact of Achievement Motivation Training on Small Business”. It tries to explain the process of how to train entrepreneurs and also organizational behavior. It shows how achievement motivational training programs may be advantageous to business and the effects of these on the business performance. The part to use in this source is the new conclusion as it would provide evidence on how the training has a positive effect on an organization.The second source is by Scott E. Bryant, and James R. Terborg titled “Impact of Peer Training on Creating and Sharing Organizational Knowledge”. It details to whom the report would be directed to and what means would be used to apply the specified training. The art to be used is the setup since it describes to whom the report is directed towards and the means of applying the training method.
There are various graphs, charts and visuals that may be contained within the report so as to provide conclusive evidence that the training methods used is applicable and effective. For instance, a table to show indicators of minority business performance before and after achievement motivational training may be applied. A summary of raining inputs in hours may also be included in the report to provide more detail.
Terborg, S. E. (2008). Impact of Peer Mentor Training on Creating and Sharing Organizational Knowledge. Journal of Managerial Issues, 11-29.

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