Creative Writing On A Visual Image Of Beauty

Published: 2021-06-22 00:47:23
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Beauty can come in various ways but in my opinion, one of the finest ways of experiencing beauty is through some visual scene. Yesterday I experienced one of the most beautiful and lovely experiences where a view of nature was stupendous and awesome in more ways than one.
The lapping of the sea, the awesome cliffs in the background, the sheer beauty of the country scenery all entered my mind as I walked across the rough terrain. Who could have walked here before me? Were some prehistoric men and women actually here someday and did the same walk as i did?
I stopped by and took some photos of the area which went down pretty well with all the shades and hues beautifully hazed in the sunlight. Loveliness is surely present in this place where i could also remember part of my past with a person who was very dear to me at the time. Musical thoughts also crept into my mind as I walked and found the same bench where we sat for so long in the past, experiencing the sheer wild beauty of the place.
Sensations of love can be strange sometimes yet when one finds a location where all those memories come back to haunt you, a sense of catharthis ensues. That can be good and refreshing but it can also create a sense of despondency occasionally. Still, the best way to treat such issues is to confront them head on. A walk in the country and some deep thinking amongst the beautiful scenery is definitely a good place to start however.

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