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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:18
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Human beings are social animals; therefore, we all need each other one way or another. However, knowing people is not easy especially if one is looked at from the outside. For instance on the first day in a new school, you can make friends but you definitely do not know them. One will have to conduct some sort of interrogation to have more insight on someone and make a conclusion. In this case, we use the life history interview as social scientists.
Through this process, I have been able to get information that surprisingly I did not know. Mr. AJ has been our family’s friend for a long time. We have even grown up with his kids; I even witnessed his lastborn child being born. We are that close. However, I never knew his life prior to the knowledge I had of him. Thanks to this process, I was able to gather information about Jenny (whom I did not know) and of her death; how it happened and the circumstances that followed it. I also did not know that Mr. AJ was a learned person in that he had been to the university and graduated as a social worker. I usually thought that he had flanked in school and that was why he was a waiter. Now I have some truth and I have realized that he was brave to leave his homeland, where he was more comfortable to join the United States population.
Frankly speaking, I usually assumed that Mr. AJ was boring but after I interviewed him, I realized that he was a naturally talented actor who came first in the all of the republic of Egypt besides being a boy scout leader. I really have admiration for the man and I do respect him for this. I have also realized how he loves his family especially his wife.
Not only did I know more of Mr. AJ, but I learnt something about me as well. For instance, I used to judge people by their looks and not from the inside. I realize this now, and I believe this process has really changed my personality.
The project was the research into Life story interview on Mr. AJ, a family friend. The general outline of the project was to illustrate the life narrative in a chronological manner. Consequently, in order to correctly investigate Mr. AJ, the limits of the whole project had to be set. The purpose for this is to give a guideline on how to conduct the research successfully.
What has been as expected?
The initial limits of the project set included setting a timeframe in which the project was meant to be done. The total time given on this particular project was 12 hours. Therefore, to work efficiently within this time, a timeframe was made in which provided that the first 6 hours be solely on research. In details, 3 hours was for looking for available books, relevant interviewees and other vital publications, and the other 3 hours conducting the actual research. The other 6 hours was dedicated to compiling the data collected and writing a research paper to that effect.
Another limit set was on the methodology use. In order to do an important and authentic research both primary and secondary data collection methods were to be employed. In particular, a face-to-face interview (primary) and literature review (secondary).The face-to-face interview was to involve Mr.AJ while the literature review was set at using 2 sources.
Main Challenges
None of these limits was stuck to since during the research; many problems and unanticipated obstacles presented themselves. For example, initially it was thought that there were many publications life History interview, so it was decided that the number of sources be put at 2. However, during the research, it was realized that there were only one authentic book available in the school library. Therefore, changes had to be made to the numbers of sources to be used.
Another problem that ensued was the issue of time and labor. Initially set was allocation of 6 hours to research and the other six on paper writing. However, because of the above challenges, wastage of time was inevitable.
What questions do you have?
What is the importance of life history Narrative?
How is one able to compare the life history of an individual to the Foley centre research papers?
A sentence or two stating that you have completed your interview and that you will have a typed narrative ready to submit
I have undertaken the task of writing the life story interview process to the best of my capability and I am ready to submit it in a typed APA format.
A statement agreeing to provide a careful review of a peer's narrative by the due date
I, (name), have agreed to provide a careful review of a peer's narrative by the due date

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