Course Work On The Developing Personality

Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:10
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The experience of the neighborhood teenager is discussed and analyzed here which goes like that the person demonstrated majorly industry behavior as he was quite confident of his conduct and status among his friends and classmates . Since he was good in studies, he was appreciated by teachers. However, he also mentioned being designated as nerd and bookworm by some classmates and was considered to fair poorly in sports. He used to feel inferior in sports and was convinced that he can never excel or be fairly good in sports.His self esteem was low in relation to sports and used to shy away from all type of outdoor sports and preferred to read books during outings.
His parents identified this sense of inferiority and encouraged him to participate in sports. They generated the feeling of self efficacy in him by quoting several examples of people excelling both in studies and sports. Moreover, they told him the importance of being physically active. Gradually, he also felt competent which is self efficacy and shifted his behavior towards sports from inferior to industry .
This bought along a change in his reputation in school and while teacher appreciated him all the more, classmates could not tease him anymore. The care, interest and encouragement of his parents shaped his personality in an excellent manner.
Part II
As mentioned by the colleague that one day shortly after her 13th birthday, she decided to change her situation. I would like to enquire that the change and the motivating thought came to her by herself or she was motivated by someone. As I have noticed that usually a long speech is not required to motivate someone and only a single sentence can also flare the wish to bring the change. Based on this experience, I ask this question because I assume that the motivation to change the situation must have come through some medium like either her parents, superiors or colleagues suggesting the ways and methods to lose weight or the desire to be slim was triggered by some external event like to get someone’s attention.
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