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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:15
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The National Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created when a treaty was signed in 1949 by all the Allies except for the Soviet Union after World War II. That means that approximately 65 years after WWII ended and thirteen years after the end of the Cold War NATO is still active. The NATO website states that there were three main reasons for creating NATO. One reason was to build an organization of countries that could rely on each other to work together against any threat from the Soviet Union. The second reason mentioned was to get a North American presence in Europe to help stop any other movement like Nazism from starting again. The third reason mentioned was to help Europe become more politically connected.

The first video I watched on the was titled “Afghanistan’s Heart of Marble.” The video was made in Heart, Afghanistan and it was about the quarrying of the high quality marble that can be found in Afghanistan. A sentence on the website which describes the video reads, “Modern equipment and better infrastructure can help to develop one of Afghanistan’s finest most lucrative industries” (Afghanistan’s, 7/6/12) NATO forces can protect areas in war torn countries so businesses and trade can thrive. This is a way to help Afghanistan increase their comparative advantage. The video did not explain how the presence of NATO relates to the reasons why it was created.

NATO has served its historical purpose especially in reference to the Soviet Union no longer being a threat. It was a necessary organization when two super powers existed in the world and everyone perceived the need for a balance of the powers. So I think that ideally NATO should be dissolved; based on the fact the reason they were created is no longer an issue. NATO has helped trade which is great. In a way though it is slowing down progress in trade because it keeps alive the idea that the Cold War is still important when in fact Russia offers great opportunities for American entrepreneurs and businesses. The experience and expertise of NATO leadership would be more useful in training and working with the United Nations’ peacekeepers or an international force of rescuers who could help during times of natural disasters. “’”’““”“”’“”“’”“”“’”“”“”“”“”““‘’”“”“”““”“””“’”

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