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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:10
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According to various designers, every woman tends to show or flaunt the best they have and hide the worst. This therefore defines personal style by some women choosing to look chic and age appropriate. Overall, it is good to wear what flatters the body and brings out personality. This paper therefore focuses on creating a seasonal wardrobe for a 32-year-old female accountant who is operating on a very tight budget. Her wardrobe is quite limited hence; we shall create a small seasonal wardrobe using her basic items.
The first item we shall consider is this woman’s age and career. A woman aged 30year old and above should do away with girlish wardrobe as the same time dress in a manner they appear too old .For instance, it is important to get rid of cut mini skirts, loud message tee shirts and tattered jeans. Instead, it is advisable to invest in pencil skirts, Cashmere sweaters, Leather pumps and ballet flats. To revamp and add unexpected extras it is good to add chunky jewellery, leather belts and bags.
At 32 years, a woman is well allowed to look chic and can have a killer body. I wish to create a wardrobe for the woman using the small or limited items she has. Firstly, we shall acquire a woolen beret to match the burgundy heavy weight knit jersey and the medium beige jacket. Some chunky could add some fun too. A good quality leather handbag and a matching belt are necessary.
Considering that the lady is an accountant, it means she is mostly in the office. I would advise her to wear the purple long skirt and the cream short-sleeved top belting up and accessories with a leather handbag. Another ideal set for workdays is the heavy black trousers with both the beige jacket and the strappy high heels .Although flats would be or leather pumps would be ideal for the office.
On extreme cold weather, the long winter jacket can go with the pair of ankle boots. The existing wardrobe consists of dark colors hence bright colored accessories such as the faux flower pin; silk scarves should be bright to enhance the entire wardrobe.

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