Course Work On Dealing With Spina Bifida

Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:32
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AGE: 12 years
SEX: Male

Description of Disability. John who lives with his supporting and encouraging parents was born through natural birth, just like other children. He weighed normal weight within the acceptable levels in the medical field. Since birth, John started exhibiting hyperactivity behavior which made the mother to become worried. One year after his birth, when the mother was washing him, he noticed a small lump on his back side, slightly above the waist line. She became concerned and took him for medical checkup. Upon check up, John was diagnosed with spina bifida of Myelomeningocele type. This condition leads to paralysis, bowel and bladder control problems (Lutkenhoff, 7). He underwent spinal surgery at age 1. Surgery helps to minimize negative effects to the patient if done in good time (Watson, 31). He has been responding well to medication and is currently attending school

Parents medical history: the father’s medical history shows no such medical complication in the family line. On the other side, Johns mother is epileptic and her grandfather had mild spina bifida(Spina bifida occulta) condition which acts as predisposing factors to John’s condition.

Sports placement. John though paralyzed on the lower limbs, finds passion in sports. He is active in modified basketball, swimming and wheel chair racing for people with disability. Since he is always on a wheel chair, he performs well in adapted basketball and wheel chair racing. Swimming has been adopted to include floaters and inflatable rings. The sporting activities are done thrice a week under supervision of coach who is well informed about the condition.

He needs to continue with exercise in order to enhance his musculoskeletal fitness, general physical fitness as well was enhancing his self esteem (Christy, 2011). Sports activities are scheduled for 30 minutes per session, three times a week. Sports can adequately be done by people with spina bifida as long as they are well supervised (Swanson, 45)

Classroom placement. John attends school with other children without disability (integrated/inclusion school). Since it is the lower limbs that are paralyzed, he performs relatively well compared with the other children.

Intervention program. John needs regular checkups to ascertain improvement or complications that may arise. Regular checkups help in attending to complications in good time (Matsumoto, 76).

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