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Published: 2021-06-22 00:45:08
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Clinical experience over time comes with continuous learning and practice. This is a major aspect towards achieving great performance in clinical practice. Understanding the basis of public health issues helps in provision of professional help. It could also help in providing suggestions that could serve important relieving factors towards controlling such issue. Perusal of the facts available and the antecedents of the factors that lead to hunger in Irish region is an important pathway to understanding the problem.

My exploration and clinical experience as regards to Mercy Corps Action Centre and Irish Hunger Memorial contributes greatly to my understanding of different issues affecting the populace globally. It actually helped in my learning and professional evaluation of different scenarios and cases. My personal exploration and experiences as regards to this journey is inevitable to my present professional skills in analysing issues and proffering solutions.


Hunger and poverty to me is a threat to human economical and health stability. The human potentials that could contribute greatly to the development of various economical growths are being deprived of life simply because of hunger and poverty. Larger percentage of people in the developing nations is being affected by this menace. My little experience with the Irish hunger memorial helped me in understanding the effects hunger and poverty could have on people. The memorial was designed for Irish immigrant with the experience of hunger. Recently, hunger has been considered to be the number one risks to health worldwide with about 925 million being undernourished. The implication is that 1 out of 7 people are affected (WHO, 2012). The problem of empty stomach is not just the main issue being considered now but the lack of basic micronutrient which is a major contributory factor to infectious state. It could also lead to physical and mental impairment hence issue with reduction in labour productivity.

My experience with the historical perspective of those issues that led to the Irish hunger and the current information as regards to the causes of hunger and poverty helped me in understanding the various causes of hunger. I discovered that analysing the sole causes of poverty is a complex task. However, there are certain factors that contribute to its development globally. The important ones are the governance, climate changes, education, and famine.

Several suggestions have been provided for dealing with the issue of hunger and poverty in world. Some of those suggestions have actually contributed to helping those in need. Why some are yet to be implemented. Provision of food as aids for people in the severely affected regions is an important tool that has helped. I will consider government policies as an important tool for helping such people. Governance plays an important role because of the need of the society. Quality governance provides opportunity for basic amenities and healthcare. Enhancement of lives via creation of employment opportunities is another form of aid for the citizen. Once these are achieved, poverty will be reduced or eliminated from such society. Once the fight against poverty has been won, hunger will be removed from the society.

Nursing plays an important role in public health system. As a registered nurse with 3 years of nursing home and hospital experience, I’m confident of roles of nursing in managing or helping to reduce the complications of hunger and poverty or tackle the issue itself. I’m very compassionate about my position and duties. Having the field experience and learning from my experience with patients actually has helped me understand how nursing contributes to managing of the social menaces. Apart from caring for the sick individuals that might have issues with hunger, I can also participate in educating some people in the local community on the importance of taking the right basic foods that contain the essential multivitamins to help tackle poverty or prevent complications. Nursing care could also contribute towards

Evaluation of professional growth

This experience has greatly contributed to my perception of nursing role in the society. I now realised the importance of a nurse in helping poor and hungry individuals. Nurses could also be involved in some of the school projects or outreaches that are designed to fight issues of hunger or nutritional deficiencies. This can be in the form of sharing the information that help prevent the hunger and educating. This is just about feeding both the mind and fighting hunger. It will actually help to ensure food security in hunger predominant regions. This has influenced my professional practice as regards to my understanding of the global issues such as hunger and my role in helping the affected people on the issue. It has also contributed to my professional experience and growth in terms of the need to participate in social activities that could help reduce hunger among the poor.

The changes I need to make is to learn more about those issues and probably learn more on the modalities that could help address such issues whenever I’m involved in contributing to the fight for reduction or elimination of similar events. As a nurse I can easily act as a change agent who advocates for various changes that could help reduce hunger in those affected region. Advocating those some lifestyle changes on how to reduce among and hence help facilitate newer developments that will affect the lives of the poor.

Areas to grow in

Considering my clinical experience with the Irish hunger memorial, I have discovered that there are certain areas that need developments. These include the areas of food aids, donations and governance. I strongly believed that these areas are pivotal towards increased level of the rate of hunger globally. Food aids by several non-governmental organizations have greatly contributed to reduction of hunger but more needs to be done. People need to be educated and motivated to contribute towards the need to reduce this social issue. It’s a menace in many societies; it affects the growth and development of those affected nations. The implication on other developed world is what we see in the case of Irish hunger which has led to migration to other region for better life.

Part two

Achieving a hunger free generation starts with the help of local organizations that help reduce hunger in their immediate environment. One important organization that fit into this description is the "The Interfaith Nutrition Network" that helps serves the hungry and homeless with Dignity, Respect and Love. Their focus is to address the issues of hunger among the Long Island citizens by providing them the needed food and shelter. These are being done, in form of non-profit aid for those people. They get funds by voluntary donations from people, achieved their goals by dedicated staffs and also encourage the public by educating them on important measures to help reduce hunger.


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