Case Study On Tanglewood Retail Organization

Published: 2021-06-22 00:38:47
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Tanglewood, as a retail organization, constantly requires new employees. This makes the recruitment process to be of great importance to the organization. The recruitment policies are quite attractive and encourage cultural diversity among the applicants.
Store associates in both Washington and Oregon are recruited based on five main methods. The methods include the media, referrals, kiosk, state job services, and staffing agency. In the media method, advertisements are made over the radio, television, and in the print media. It is a very open method and allows all the interested individuals to make their applications. The applications can be made minus actually going to the stores as it is accessible through the internet. Provision for paper applications is also available at the stores.
The referral method encourages the employees to refer their friends as they are paid $100 for every referral. In all honesty, this is not an open method as it locks out a big population which is not within the “employees’ friends.” It only targets a specific group which may lack the necessary qualifications. I believe that this method is not appropriate as it fails to encourage diversity. Another method is the kiosk method which I regard as the best as it gives room for any interested individual to make an application. The whole process of application is done electronically, eliminating all the material costs. This method is very open and very competitive. Here, the organization will have a wide variety of applicants to choose from, and only the best qualified are chosen. It also gives the applicants a clue of what they shall be doing, if recruited.
The state job services are occasionally used in urban markets. Here, qualifications are properly laid down and only the qualified individuals make the application. This is done by the help of the employment service agency. Tax incentives help in subsidizing the training. This method is quite selective as it locks out those from decentralized areas. However, because of the stated qualifications, the organization recruits the best qualified individuals.
Recently, the use of external staffing agency has been encouraged at Tanglewood. Here, the recruited individuals become part of the core workforce directly. Even though this method is quite costly, there is the provision of training by the StoreStaff, lowering the training expenses.
Because of the above recruitment methods, the staffing services division has centralized the decision making process for staffing activities. This is because; any one method can fit in all the divisions. Also if centralized, there is a wide range of individuals to choose from, and the conditions are made that are common to all. Favoritisms are eliminated and only the best are chosen.

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