Case Study On Nature Energy Snacks

Published: 2021-06-22 00:34:05
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Nature energy snacks
Describe the current marketing mix and target audience using the 4P’s
The product in this case is an energy snack being sold to college students by a partnership of John and Jayne. They sell the snacks in 8oz. packages for about $2.5 in the colleges’ bookstores and around the environs. The product seems to doing well because of its quality, pricing and convenience. Students have taken into it because of its naturalness. The partnership considered the 4P’s of marketing by ensuring that the products met the expectations of the students and are easily available at an affordable price to the students. They have also diversified the product into 35 varieties after beginning with only three. Since the target market was the college students, John and Jayne did not have to employ massive promotion strategy but have solely relied on word of mouth which is in some way very appropriate in a college setting.
Describe a new marketing mix and target audience that would increase the sales of natural nectars
John and Jayne aim at increasing the sales of natural nectars. Since this is an existing product, they will not have to employ massive promotion strategy but will definitely go beyond the word of mouth advertising. Since the current target market which is the college students in southwestern United States already know this product, they can coalesce with the colleges’ sports departments to have the college teams in various teams promote this product in other colleges not in southwestern. The two therefore will have to provide banners and coupons as well as have the selected teams wear jerseys with their product labels. This technique will help spread the information concerning this product far and wide. John and Jayne will then be forced to open up new stores around the country and establish an elaborate distribution channel. By doing this, they will have cut the cost of promotion significantly as compared to if they had sought the services of media and marketing companies.
Kitchen, J. P.(2006). A reader in marketing communications. London: Taylor $ Francis Publishers.

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