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In every business environment, change is inevitable, and important move is ensuring growth and development. A business that gas been a sole proprietor need to make a lot of changes when it s stakeholders decide to grow. Such issues include business functions, employees’ issues, business systems, as well as ethical. As a matter of fact, growing from a sole proprietor to another business requires new business form, additional people, and rethinking of new business plan. In carrying out these crucial changes, leadership plays a crucial role since it brings together all issues of change and drives them towards success.
In making changes in the sole proprietorship, it is essential to consider and protect various business functions. The business function to, be considered are mainly focused in maintaining progressive growth and stability. One of the business functions, is consulting with business prospects, whereby qualified business prospects become part of the business growth. The consultancy function of business focuses on success and the existence of business. Employees are crucial factors in making changes in the business, in that they are the strong pillars to achieving success. Coaching of employees to work according to business requirements strengthens the bond between business and its employees (Elliot 45).
In order to achieve competitive e advantage, the function of business in marketing and sales must be protected. Change is crucial in an organization, but it the business needs to emphasize on marketing strategies. This essential function of business ensures that the consumer receive information on the products and services offered by the business. The success of the growing business will firmly depend on determining new products, customer’s needs, product promotion, and market strategy. Protection of this business functions develops and strengthens the link between the business and its customers(Cant 35).
Perhaps, expansion of the business will require a lot of workers and manpower to work on the business. Hence, the business function to be protected during change is human resource. This business function manages the employment process of firing, awarding, enterprise bargaining, pay rates, as well as hiring. Additionally, another business function is to do with information systems. Information in the business brings out the sense of preparedness; hence, the business function is to maintain telecommunication and information technology infrastructure.
During the transition process in business, it is important to consider these business functions. These functions will endure that there is a link between the past business and the expansion process. In addition, maintaining the functions will help in the maximization of security and safety of the business in the future. In business, when changes take place a lot of disruptions occur, especially if the changes is focused on growth. Hence, maintaining the functions minimizes the potential disruptions and inconvenience to employees, stakeholders and customers. Transition process in the sole proprietorship could fail to adjust to the changes taking place in the business (Raymond 15). Therefore, putting into considerations the general business functions will maximize the adoption rate to changes and adjustment. Failure to consider them may strain the business financially, socially, and economically.
Conversably, there are several needs that the current employees must have when undergoing through the changes. Employees form the important part of the business, and in making decisions grow, the business puts a lot of dependence of employees. The employees should be physically, emotionally and psychologically ready to accept change (Elliot 54). This is achieved by informing all the current employees on the intention to expand and grows in the business. The way in which the employees take the changes will automatically affect business output and customers satisfaction. The major challenge facing the managers and stakeholders is developing willingness and flexibility to positive respond to the changing environment, and technologies.
In the contemporary society, technology is very crucial, and the most used tool in business. In making a decision, to grow from a sole proprietor, the employees need to be conversant with the technological advancement within the business. This move will ensure that employees do not face a culture shock during business growth. Moreover, employees help desk forms the needs of employees during change. Quick response to employees’ demands will reduce anxiety and dissatisfaction in the business(Cant 60). Resistance to change can be one of the challenging issues in a business; employees may develop resistance because they do not comprehend the effects of change. Hence, the current employees need to understand new ways of working and be aware of the adjustments required of them. Employees will always work well if they are assured of their future. Current employees should be informed and assured of their benefits if they decide to change. Additionally, employees will need more training to fit the current working environment. In fact, training eliminates fear and increases competence among the employees.
The needs of current employees will successfully be met in integrating new employees in business by improving the communication systems. Communication among the employees will help in preparing the new employees into the business. Furthermore, the managers and stakeholders should develop a good and friendly working environment, whereby there is respect for all, regardless of the job assigned. Organizational meeting away from work will develop an interactive aspect; hence, coping quickly on the needs of the business. Certainly, the business organization should build of knowledge and skills that are directly related to change. Basically, in order to meet the employees needs one needs increase operation speed in all sectors of business.
Certainly, the ability of a business to achieve desirable outcomes is directly aligned to the existing structure within the organization that seeks to ensure effective communication (Cant, 269). In the context of the expanding business mentioned herein, there is a likelihood of establishment of more business branches. For this reason, there is the need to establish an appropriate strategy for communication between the branches, which ensures achievement of high profit margins. In this case, the system of communication existent between branches of one business is often referred to as external communication. However, external communication will not only be limited to the newly established branches, but it will expand to the outside community entailing customers as well as distributors of the businesses products. On the other hand, there in need for effective communication in the internal environment of the business, which mainly involves setting up of strategies to be followed by the business, as well as ways of motivating employees to work towards attainment of the mutual goal (s) of the business.
Based on the postulates of the Shannon - Weaver model (Cant, 274), the main aim of a communication system existent within a business system is to ease communication barriers. As such, the expanding sole proprietorship business mentioned in this case will ensure effective internal communication by holding workshops with all the involved stakeholders inclusive but not limited to employees. The business will also establish projects groups that seek to put the newly enacted business principles into action. Furthermore, the business will design its own business magazine that will enlighten the business entities at large on the various issues such as challenges being experienced by the business. The current advancement in technology will be of benefit to the business. Precisely, the business will establish a social networking website for utilization in communication with the external business entities. Additionally, the business will utilize the website in establishing links with its distributors, as well as its clients. Through the use of a website, customers to the business will be able purchase the businesses’ products online and get immediate delivery via the businesses distributors. This will create a reputation for the business as well as enhancing loyalty to the businesses’ brands by customers. Overall, utilization of technology by the expanding sole proprietorship business facilitates effective communication as well as allows for marketing of the businesses’ products.
In the context of the expanding business mentioned in this case, the management processes entailing planning and controlling will play essential roles in varied aspects of the business, but with profound emphasis of the financial systems of the business. This is because the financial systems of a business are essential in monitoring as well as managing of the resources needed to ensure achievement of the set business objectives (Raymond 84). Moreover, financial systems will facilitate the business effective decision-making based on the businesses’ profits as well as resources available. Consequently, the business will establish internal controls, which will ensure that the businesses resources are utilized appropriately towards generating high profit margins for the business. Such internal controls will include the establishment of the management positions of the board and director treasurer who will be liable for approving and signing financial expenses of certain amounts. In addition, the business will develop bureaucratic record keeping manuals and will further integrate experienced and qualified employees to be in charge of managing the businesses accounts. The business will also utilize external audit firms, which will conduct frequent financial reviews of the businesses’ financial systems.
Arguably, every society has its own ethical guidelines that ensure mutual societal co-existence. The sole proprietorship business mentioned in this case will operate within such society, as it seeks to expand its services. Precisely, the business will utilize the resources within that society to offer services to its customers and for carrying out its business objectives (Cant 73). Overall, a high number of societal issues are aligned to honesty and integrity. For this reason, the business will have to work under such ethical guidelines, failure of which it will results in ethical issues. Ethical issues that will be addressed by the business include developing open relationships with customers. Inappropriate consideration of the business employee rights will further result to a social issue. Use of deceptive promotion tactics by the business also counts as an ethical issue. Due to this, business will put into consideration the societal ethical values, thus translating into a social responsibility. Therefore, the business will have an obligation aligned to the societal welfare. The business will be performing such obligations alongside its business related duties. To its customers, the business will be socially responsible for ensuring that t the products and services they trade in are safe for human use. Undeniably, the recent past has experienced profound concerns on the need for environmental protection. The business will thus be socially responsible for environmental protection and maintenance, which may entail engagement in tree planting within the society it operates in. The business will further be charged with the responsibility of taking profound care for its employees through the provision of satisfactory returns as well as ensuring safe working conditions. In conclusion, as the sole proprietorship business mentioned herein seeks to expand, appropriate business planning will ensure achievement of high returns, which will guarantee its enduring growth.
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