Case Study On ABC. Inc Company New Recruiter

Published: 2021-06-22 00:39:22
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ABC. Inc Company new recruiter Mr. Robins Carl encountered many challenges in April. Notably, this came after he was successful in recruiting new employee for the company. Arguably, these challenges resulted from lack of planning mechanisms besides his lack of experience. Moreover, the problem can be said to be as a result of lack of appropriate mentoring program in the Company. For example, Carl is not being supervised by his boss in the entire exercise. This is the beginning of the many challenges that Carl is faced with.
As a matter of fact, human resource is one of the most vital resources for any organization. It plays a significant role in as far as an attempt to achieve goals as well as objectives of an organization is concerned. Therefore, human resource should be handled carefully for these goals and objectives to be realized. Arguably, for an organization to have the right team within their workforce, recruitment process should be strategically as well as cautiously undertaken. The is based on the assertion that, it is very recruitment is a very costly undertaking both in terms of money as well as time; hence, measures that will lead to a successive recruitment exercise should be adhered strictly to avoid repeating the exercise again in case the right people are not recruited, (Pearson, 2005). This explains why the human resource management department is said to be the most vital but very challenging segment of any organization. Notably, there are two ways in which recruitment can be done. The first one is allowing the human resource management department to do the recruitment, and the other one is contracting specialists to undertake the recruitment based on the requirements given by the particular organization.
After a successful recruitment exercise in his profession, Carl Robins was contracted by Monica Carrols, the Operations Supervisor, to hire a team of about fifteen individuals to work for him. It was approximated that, the new recruits will be prepared for a period of about two weeks so that they could start working beginning July. Carl undertakes the recruitment exercise and hires individuals as agreed. After being contacted by Monica concerning the new employees and how far the exercise has gone, Carl assures him that everything is going on well. However, Carl is shocked to realize that everything is not going according to his plans. He noted that, the new recruits are yet to avail all the required documents; for instance, medical reports as well as other necessary papers, (University of Phoenix material, 2007). Besides, orientation manuals are not enough for the new trainees as only three are available. To make matters worse, the room which he intended to use for the training had been booked for the whole month of June, which means there is no room to prepare the trainees to start working the following month. In fact, the room is already being prepared for computer training seminars for the implementation of new database software.
Key Problems
Notably, there are a number of problems in this case. To begin with, Carl has taken for granted that everything will turn out successfully, most probably based on the first success he got while recruiting for ABC, Inc. This is based on the claim that he seems to be confident when assured Monica that everything was running smoothly and according to plan. Therefore, planning has not been properly undertaken, which means that planning mechanisms have not been put in place, (, (Pearson, 2005). Secondly, training manuals are not enough; instead of fifteen, only three are available. Moreover, not all the new recruits had completed all the paperwork needed in preparation for the training. This is a problem because the paperwork is very crucial during the training process, besides being necessary in determining whether the right people for particular job had been recruited. To be more precise, the information that is supposed to filled in the various papers more especially the medical report would be helpful in further evaluating the new recruits before embarking on the training. Hence, little time would be available for subjecting the recruits for further scrutiny, (University of Phoenix material, 2007).
Lastly, arrangements on where the training will be taking place have not been made. Carl assumed that the training room will be available and he never bothered to do the booking in advance. This is a very serious problem because even if the new recruits will take little time in completing their paperwork as far as the recruitment process is concerned, there will be no room readily prepared for the training exercise now that it has already been booked for the whole month of June. This set deadline makes the problem to be even worse as well as complicated, (University of Phoenix material, 2007).
The most serious problems in this case are completion of the necessary paperwork as well as availability of the training room. As mentioned above, the major cause of these problems is lack of proper strategy as well as experience on Carl. Moreover, it seems that there is lack of a set code conduct which acts as a guideline for human resource managers during the recruitment process. The impacts of these problems might be very costly for both parts in various ways. First, if Carl will not be able to meet the set deadline, Monica will be late in starting his project which might lead to high cost in terms of money and time, (Articlesbase, 2010). This is based on the claim that, for him to complete the project within the planned period, he might be forced to turn to crushing of activities which would need more money than expected. From Carl’s point of view, he might also be forced to use more money and time to prepare another venue for the training process. Moreover, due to lack of enough time to further scrutinize the recruits, there are high chances that the right people might not be selected for the job. Thus, the most affected party in this case is Carl, as he would try all he can for the recruitments to turn out successive.
Possible solutions
Undeniably, there are various possible solutions for the outlined problems in this case. One of the possible solutions is to request more time from Monica, to allow Carl to ensure that the trainees have completed all the paperwork as well as to be able to secure the training room beginning July. Another possible solution is Carl to search for another training room at the same time ensuring that the trainees have completed the paperwork in time; so that the training period is not altered, (Articlesbase, 2010). The third alternative is to divide the trainees into two groups; those who will be in a position to finish the paperwork should be trained so as to start working on July as planned to be followed later by those who could not have made through the training process by then. However, Carl must secure a different training room than the one he had in mind. More, he will be forced to request Monica to allow him send to offer him the required number of employees in two lots. The lastly, another option would be to request Joe, who has already preparing the room for a computer training exercise, to let Carl to use the room for the training his trainees. But of course, this will be an inconvenience for Joe who will have to search for an alternative room, (Articlesbase, 2010).
Undeniably, each and every alternative mentioned above has its consequences. For instance, if Carl decides to request for more time, it might not be possible for because that will be interfering with the whole timing for Monica’s project. Additionally, the option of dividing the group of trainees into groups might not be practically possible. Moreover, it will be very challenging for Joe to let the room he has already set to be used by Monica. The only viable option in this case is Monica to secure an alternative training room and proceed on with the training as planned, (Articlesbase, 2010). However, he might be forced to incur some costs in acquiring an alternative room.
Conclusion and recommendations
As mentioned early, human resource is a very crucial factor in any organization. Notably, if the right people are not recruited it might lead to failure of human resource, which might in turn lead to failure of an organization. Therefore, recruiting team should ensure that the process is carefully undertaken, (Articlesbase, 2010). In this case, Carl should ensure that for any recruiting as well as training exercise is undertaking, there are clear guidelines that should be strictly adhered to, (Articlesbase, 2010). This would ensure that the things go according to the set plan to meet the objective of the entire process. Additionally, Carl should ensure that he monitors the entire process closely and from time to time to ensure that nothing goes wrong. In order to deal with the problem at hand, he might be force to spend money to acquire a new training venue as it seems the viable option, so has to be able to meet the set timeline.
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