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Published: 2021-06-22 00:41:26
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Although Calvin reveals important points regarding the quality of information for organizational decision-making, the response seems to confuse the target users of the information. At first, the clarity of information visualization is analyzed from the perspective of the effectiveness in addressing final customers. The final part of the response, however, assesses the value of information quality for the decision-making within the organization. Although both these issues are clearly important for every company, focusing on only one of the two points could have added clarity to the response. Moreover, as the article is more concerned with the use of information by companies internally, the assessment of the information visualization as the means to influence consumer choices falls outside of the scope of the particular article. The issue requires a more profound analysis with reference not only to information clarity and visualization effectiveness, but also to the psychological impact specific types of representation have on targeted consumers, complementing the discussion with reference to specific customer segment.
Damian’s reply
Damian has provided an excellent reply to the question of the data quality. The response connects personal view with the theoretical definition of information quality, thus adding weight and credibility to the opinion. In addition to that, the parallel with Nestle case shows a deep insight into the role of information for company operation. Moreover, the cake analogy used to illustrate the idea about the information quality makes it easy for the readers to understand the main point of the author and personalized the response. In general, Damian’s reply offers a holistic and personal view on the issue of information quality and critically assesses the importance of information for organizations.
Popova, M. (2009, August 12). Data visualization: Stories for the information age.
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