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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:45
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Application architecture is essentially how the design of all software packages is organized. It includes every package and the external communications that communicate with the system. Application architecture can be represented in many design patterns. These models are designed to in accordance with the system requirement definition list. On the other hand, process design is the task of determining the equipment needed, the flow of work, and how the requirement of a particular process can be implemented effectively. There are varieties of tools used in process design. These include process simulation software, drawing of flow charts, and scale models.
The application architecture and process design of the Riordan Manufacturing HRIS are not as complex as it may first appear. "The first step is to refine the nonfunctional requirements into more detailed requirements that are then employed to help select the architecture to be used and the software components to be placed on each device. The most common architectures are server-based, client-based, and client –server. The most appropriate architecture for Riordan manufacturing is client –server.
The human resource information system of Riordan Manufacturing would benefit most from client-server architecture. Client–server architectures have four principal benefits. First and foremost, the system can be scaled up. This implies that the company is comfortable when they want to increase the processing capacity and and storage space of the server. The second benefit is that the client-server architecture supports a wide variety of clients and servers. In addition, it can work in an environment where multiple operating systems are used. It can support a combination of Windows computers and Apple Macintoshes on the same network. A third benefit of the client-server architecture is used and separating different types of logic. Likewise, it is possible to change the application logic without changing the presentation logic or data, which are stored in databases and accessed by SQL commands. The final benefit is a much more stable and reliable network, where all applications are not supported by just one server computer. Failure of any one server in client-server architecture, do not affect the functioning of the entire system. It is only the applications requiring that the server that fails; the network will continue to function with all the other servers.
A client- server architecture diagram.
Security Controls
In any information system project, physical and logical security is a key factor. Security is exceedingly fundamental because it determines the authenticity, reliability and accuracy of the organization’s information. Security is primarily the responsibility of the technical group- the staff responsible for installing and operating security. Control measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and routine backup and recovery operations. However, system developers also have a responsibility when it comes to security; especially within the information systems. Developing a stable and concrete information security system requires evaluation of the system components and its information.
The employee data and the business operation policy data lies in the hands of an organization. Riordan Manufacturing has the responsibility of securing all information concerning the employees and all company procedures’ data. Because of this extremely critical data, Riordan’s human resource information system must use data encryption and passwords for those authorized to access the data. All data must be kept secure and confidential. The alteration or modification of this data would be extremely costly to the company. If the client takes the company to the court, the company will pay more that $10 million. In addition, company will suffer more if the staff is to go back to paperwork. The task is tedious and it will take the company a long period to catch up with the competitors.
Prominent software vendors have enhanced security measures. As such it is preferable for Riordem to purchase some software from the vendors rather that letting its own team develop. Some processes, such as the application process, would benefit from using third-party software. Riordan Manufacturing would then have the security guarantee of the third-party vendor. In addition, MyStaffingPro® software is integrated in the HR system. MyStaffingPro is a set of software tools that can track and screen applicants while also allowing for better management of job postings. By incorporating this software, or software like it, Riordan Manufacturing can install a more efficient employee application process, save time, and reduce costs. This software also can be used to create specific reports such as equal employment opportunity reports. Including provisions as mentioned above could vastly improve communications and employee management across Riordan’s business infrastructure.
Interface design is the process of giving an a structured definition of how the system will interact with external entities such as customers, suppliers, other systems. System interfaces are also capable of exchanging information with other systems and, therefore require a high level of security. The most suitable way of ensuring maximum security is the use of login credentials to access the system. Any person who wants to access the system should enter a user name and a password. The password should be remarkably strong to avoid cracking. More security levels can be achieved by requiring a password to access the computer if it sits idle for more than one minute. This would help prevent internal security threats of employees attempting to access another employee's computer. Another feature is to incorporate password requirements to unlock confidential and private documents, such as employee files and company tax records.
One such recommendation is to incorporate a company wide database, accessible only via a virtual local area network, or VLAN, which allows employees to view and update some basic level information that would be subject to verification by a payroll clerk or supervisor. Such access would need to be protected by username and password via 128-bit AES encryption standards. More detailed information could only be changed by an authorized payroll clerk or supervisor who would need to input a username and password as well as scan their fingerprints to allow for a three-factor authentication method. Third-party organizations that provide Riordan with benefits such as workers compensation and health benefits should be evaluated on a yearly basis for accuracy and competitiveness with such provided benefits.
Data flowcharts
As the application logic of the information system is designed, the implementation decisions describing how the system will work is made. Physical data flow diagrams show these implementation details, including data stores that refer to files and database tables, programs or human actions that perform processes, and the physical transfer media for the data flows. The automated parts of the system are distinguished from the manual parts by the human-machine boundary.
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