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Published: 2021-06-22 00:31:38
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Fully Integrated Network System Company will have to develop a work breakdown structure that will be used to define the tasks that will be undertaken in the Chase Bank project. There will be many activities that will be undertaken in the system upgrade project that will be undertaken. The following is the work breakdown structure of the project activities that will be undertaken. The following are the tasks that will be taken. This is a summary of the WBS of the project (Kerzner, 2009).
- Assessment, appraisal and completion of the all project inventory requirements
The project manager will carry out and document all the requirements to start the project. This will include listing the necessary computers and accessories. The appraisals will determine the cost benefit of the project and informs the decision to begin the project plans.
- Completed data for workload data analysis
The project will involve gathering all the necessary data through surveys on how and when the operations should start. The project manager shall conduct interview sessions with the function heads to get information regarding the expectation of the project.
- Concluded IT artifact of Chase Bank system design templates and drafts.
Implementation of the project will entail completion of the IT artifact through systems documentation. The designers will have produced all the required programmed software to be run under a pilot project.
- Completed Chase Bank system
The completed Chase Bank software system is anticipated to be ready for testing and familiarization to the IT experts in the company. Of particular importance will be the completion of spreadsheets and logins.
e) Testing and documentation of Chase Bank system
The system will be considered as good when audit and inspection has confirmed that all areas of the system meet the minimum approval requirements. Testing will be important to the CEO and management team to consider program roll-out.
Work Breakdown Structure
- Project planning
- Get the requirements of the system
- Get the user requirements
- Analyze the current weaknesses of the system
- Analyze the new system to be deployed
- Design and create logical tables
- Create input masks
- Create validation rules
- Create object relationships
- Objects review
- Create controller
- Create the variable
- Create methods
- Write test classes
- Review the code
- Inquire the budget allocations that can be obtained
- Get the rough budget that you are willing to spend
- Present the budget you have to the finance department
- Present the system that you need to the experts
- WBS development
- Brainstorm on the tasks that are required to be undertaken
- Get the expertise that are required for the tasks that have been listed above
- Assign each expertise the tasks that were initially brainstormed.
- Organize the tasks that have been listed in an orderly manner
- Associate the tasks with the durations they will take in order to be completed
- Project estimating
- Get the cost of each item
- Get the cost of each expertise who will be involved in the project
- Get the cost of the materials to be used in the project
- Get the cost of a similar system that has been implemented in another bank.
- Get the total of the materials and expertise
- Project scheduling
- Get the rough schedule that will be required for any defined task.
- Get the time limit that the bank is willing to allow the project to be developed
- Get the time availability of FINs staff
- Get the critical path that are allowed in the project
It is important to know the tasks that need to be taken care of in the project. If this is not taken care of, then the bank will miss on some aspects, whether on time or on finance about the project.
Project Implementation: One implication that needs to be looked into is the time that the project scheduling will optimize both material and human resources. There is need to ensure that tasks finish at the stipulated time so that it does not affect the projects that come after that. If deliverables submitted for approval will require working days for review will cause constraints because there will be some delay in the whole project. Another task that will have to be looked into very keenly is that of getting the right skills that will undertake the project. If initially the personnel that have been employed are not up to the task, then the whole project will be delayed. Getting the right skills and expertise in an important aspect that will greatly affect the project. There is therefore a need to ensure that the project that is carried out is done and implemented by the right personnel. It is clear that the personnel get to understand what is required. They should have a clear picture of what need to be designed so that it will be accepted on the first phase. This will eliminate the time to do the debugging (Evans, 2006).
Project scheduling and planning: Labor resource feasibility, job specification and description have implication on recruitment, hiring and getting the right skills. From the Gantt chart, the time that has been assigned to the hiring process is small indeed. There is need to ensure that the right skills and expertise are got into the team. There will be implications if the staff of the project will not have enough experience to handle the technical issues that might arise in the development of the projects. If a significant percentage of the project staff will not be experienced with the operating environment it will cause some constraint in project execution. It is expected that the staff assigned for this project will be having the technical expertise required to perform this project.
For the right skills to be assured in the staff there will be continuous training so that the changes that come in technology are taught to the staff. This will ensure that the staff is well versed with existing and emerging technologies. The recruitment process will also be done based on merit. This will make sure that the people that are enrolled to undertake the project have the right skills and expertise to perform the work. Dubious recruitments processes will normally be associated with dubious results. When they are followed, the staff will not be well versed with the system and the requirements in terms of technology (Bainey, 2004).
Project Planning and Administration: there is need to manage ensure tasks are well aligned so that there are no task overlaps. The time constraint is something that needs to be looked into very keenly. One implication with the time constraints is that the bank directors might have set unrealistic time for the project. In this case, the plan should be able to take into consideration the most important tasks. There are tasks that should be planned like that of coding. If this is not well taken care of, there will be lag of timely submission of some modules. The excuse here will be that the system was technical (Phillips, 2010).
Project estimation: There is a need to ensure that the estimates are real and near the market value of the materials. The information systems estimation should be undertaken by IT professionals. There will be the need to ensure that the project is under control and that the things and the materials that have been scheduled follow the schedule. There will be the need to ensure that the cost overruns are minimized as much as possible. There is need to ensure that the tools and the programmers and system analysts are well taken care of. This is an important aspect since this is a technology related project. One thing that needs to be done is to ensure that there are some floating funds that will be used to run the overruns that may be met (Phillips, 2010).
Bainey, K. R. (2004). Integrated IT project management: A model-centric approach. Norwood: Artech House.
Evans, G. J. (2006). A Framework for measuring project metrics. CVR/IT Consulting LLC.
Kerzner, H. (2009). Project management: A systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.
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