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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:21
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[December 8, 2019]
One year after joining high school, I still never have made a decision as to which career to join. Life seemed confusing without direction as I hoped from one social club to the next, to get a taste of what they did. It so happened that as I attended one business club, a legendary speaker had been invited and as the session progressed, there was a sense of belonging, in the business arena that squashed my thoughts. I knew that I had found what I have been searching for. However, I did not join that club but rather decided to join the Asian Club where I had seen ample opportunities to project my thoughts. I guess it is true what is said that nobody has the capacity to change a man other than offer the man an opportunity for self-realization. The feeling, like that of a new-born, of so much potential trapped inside me, was inexplicable.
The Asian club was more of a cultural-oriented club that barely survived on the provision of well wishers. The Asian club explicitly pursued Asian culture and its practices mostly for entertainment. Those in leadership had for a long time arranged for events in local and regional areas as it was stipulated in the constitution of the club. I became a very active member of the Asian club hoping that one day I would seat in the decision-making committee. Upon the end of that year’s term of service for the club officials, I could not help but vie for the top seat which I won easily. The following weeks after the election were quite crucial in passing the vision to the leaders first and later to the members.
The one question that was posed to the 12-member newly elect committee was - how could the Asian Club ensure it does not miss out on a piece of the global village? The following month saw members come up with various business-oriented proposals for consideration by the committee which I led. The Asian Club was well-known for its superfluous cultural performance.
Some people proposed that the committee should organize for some cultural functions and purchase some goods at lower prices that would then be sold at a premium during the events. Additionally, from that idea, it was also proposed that there should be an invitation of other regional and national performers and that there should be enough publicity to increase the chances of enough people attending. Among those that attended the first event included parliament representatives and musicians to mention but a few. The event’s organization was tasking but fruitful where the club was able to raise $ 374,508 that was a major boost to start other projects.
One thing that was made sure was that the core values for culture were upheld. However, being a visionary leader I looked for more opportunities for which the alumni of the club could connect current club members to find employment opportunities. In that regard, the committee deemed it fit to strengthen the club by having mentorship groups of three people each. For new members, they were absorbed and properly oriented into the functioning of the club and were encouraged to make ideological contribution and participation in various activities as planned by the club.
I love dancing and watching movies. One day as I watched the news at BBC®, it was highlighted that investors had visited Ethiopia in an effort to see what they could possibly invest their money on. Like a light bulb popping alight over my head, I saw what I can best describe as the club revolution into cultural integration in a business atmosphere. The world is a global village, not just in technical terms, but rather literally if only one would open up their eyes. On doing some research on the country Ethiopia, it dawned on me that the country’s cultural heritage had not been explored.
I gathered the committee and told them that I had a potential breakthrough in the business arena that the club’s future could be headed. At first, they could not understand and some thought that my idea was going against the club’s constitution. My idea, that has turned to be the new vision for the club, was that it was possible to have cultural exchange and integration such that two or more countries could have intercultural events on a high school level with business at heart. In such events, there should be participation of cultural offices for the countries concerned and raise funds for less fortunate communities in either regions of participation while a certain percentage should remain the club to allow for continuity.
In so doing, the members would have the privilege of interacting with people from different cultures and beliefs coming together for the common good of the global village. Upon enough support, this could be a vehicle that would be used in conflicting cultures in different regions to try to bring peace by letting others learn to understand another culture other than one’s. Upon accumulation of enough funds, the club can even invest in different sectors like real estate that in the end the funds so collected could be used for scholarships to other needy club members on a global scale. As of the time my term ended, it was scheduled that committee members were to present a written proposal to different ambassadors through the Ministry of Culture and Integration.

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