Boy Scouts and Leadership Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:40
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My mentor used to say to me: My son, life is precious, live it to the fullest; however, always make sure every decision you make is worth it. A small mistake can ruin your entire life. Although his words were precious to my ears, I was naïve and I did not think of their importance until a certain decision almost changed my life completely. My mentor passed on at the age of fifty three when I was in my third grade. Every time I remember of him, his words always come back to me.

At the age of eighteen, I wanted to have a girlfriend just like my friends Jimmy and Kennedy. Although they were older than me, I saw no much difference and I strongly believed that life would be fun if I had someone to call my own. I had known Anita for three years. She was one grade behind. One thing about Anita is that she was courageous, caring and always dreamful of a beautiful future. Although she never said it in the very beginning, I knew for sure she loved me from the look in her eyes. For several occasions we would play baseball and skate in the streets.
After about a year of this constant commitment to each other and care, Anita whispered to my ear: You are my hero, my sunshine, and my sunshine. This day we were in our home. I was alone and my parents had attended a friend’s birthday. I did not believe her words for the first time. It sounded like a dream answering my prayers and dreams. I truly loved Anita only that I had been afraid that she might leave me instantly after presenting my proposal. She had done it and the reason it sounded like a miracle to me.
Some things happen naturally so that we cannot explain them thereafter. It was with great shock that I realized we had already made love to each other. For the next three days I did not see any problem with what we had done despite the fact that I felt haunted by the action itself. After around a month and half, Anita called to inform me that she had missed her ‘periods.’ This was the beginning of my cry. She said I was to take the obligation of helping her abort.
For the first time in my life it came to me that abortion was a real ethical problem after ignoring the topic for very many years. Here I was called upon to act. The first thought to occur in my mind was that abortion was out of topic. As I was thinking deeply, my mentor’s words rang in my head again: My son, life is precious, live it to the fullest; however, always make sure every decision you make is worth it. A small mistake can ruin your entire life. I realized the genius in the man and his ability to foretell the unforeseen.
The next thing was to admit for what had happened. I informed my parents without caring how they would react to my situation. Anita had failed to inform her parents fearing that they may harm her. I took the obligation of telling her parents what had happened. I also confirmed with Anita that she was not going to abort whatsoever and I was ready to take care of the child and her. This was my first hardest decision to make in life. After learned my mistake, I realized that a small mistake can change one’s life completely as my mentor used to put it.
While waiting for Anita to give birth and hug my baby, I decided to start an awareness campaign to educate people about the dangers of unprotected sex. Together with my scouts’ members, we composed poems, songs, banners and posters to help the youth from doing a similar mistake like mine. We also informed the youth about the other dangers from drug abuse and all other risky behaviors with the aim of reforming them and making sure they realize the dreams. Our mission was highly reciprocated in our society and the reason many people respect us today for the initiative.
After six years of pregnancy, Anita died from pregnancy complications. Hearing of this, I almost lost my senses for a few weeks. This was the culminating point of my life. After full recovery, I mobilized twenty scouts to help in educating the youth in the society from doing a similar mistake like mine. Today I live a life of full regrets for my decision and the reason I saw the need to educate others so that they never go through a similar path.

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