Bodman Herbert And Nayareh Esfahlani Tohidi Women In Muslim Societies Diversity Annotated Bibliography Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:48
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In this book, the authors describe an overall view of Muslim women, and the issues that they must deal with in Middle Eastern societies. Women's rights are discussed in depth, especially in regards to India both before and after British rule. Indian women are described as having a poor political and social position, something that must be rectified as advocated by the authors. In this paper, I will be using this book to describe the specific traditions in India that keep women subservient and stuck in traditional gender roles. Religion and politics, primarily, are blamed for the condition of women in India, and the lack of support for improving women's rights is mentioned as a major obstacle for forward progress. I will also describe the debate between Muslims and Hindus regarding how women should be represented in Indian society; independence must come to the community before action can be taken.
Central Intelligence Agency. India. CIA - The World Factbook, 15 November. 2011. Web. 1
December. 2011 .
The Central Intelligence Agency's website regarding India provides accurate, up-to-date factual information on the geography, people, government, economy, military, etc. of India. This is meant to be a comprehensive resource on background information for the country itself, which I will use to form the basis for my paper. I will be using this information in my paper to offer a background on population statistics, income and quality of life in the country. Within these facts, I will be able to describe women's role in society using this as context. The information contained there describes the small advances women have made in India over the years; there has been a clear improvement in Indian women's conditions today than there was a decade and a half ago, with the improvement of health services and schools. Given these small advancements, the time has come for Indian women to take advantage of them and gain further social and political freedom.
Duiker, William and Jackson Spielvogel. World History. 5th. Vol. 1. Belmont: Cengage
Learning, 2006. Print.
In this textbook, a very comprehensive overview of the history of the world is described; global perspectives are weighed on the events and histories of a number of countries, including India. There is, in particular, a section on the position of women in ancient India, which describes the overall journey that women have taken so far in the country to gain equal rights. The place of women as being in the home is a factor that is emphasized throughout Indian history, and is the greatest obstacle women have to overcome in order to be respected as people. Despite the role of women being socially oppressive, they are shown to be very powerful figures in Hindu religions. However, this does not make up for the social norms that Indian women are subjected to. In this paper, I will use this book to describe the religious and social role of the woman in Indian society, and how there is a dire need for improvement.
Juyal, Pooja. Women's studies in India: some contemporary contours. Seoul: Ewha Woman's
University Press, 2005. Print.
Juyal's book is a chronicle of women's studies in South Asia; feminist and progressive programs and initiatives are studied and examined within the book, as well as their successes. In my paper, I will use Juyal's book to describe the advances that many Indian woman have had so far, given an increasingly modern and secular culture. Until now, women have been forbidden to access the same rights as men, but there have been important strides made on that front. Non-government organizations are being utilized to advocate for women's rights regarding their sexuality, harassment and domestic violence. More and more policies are being created and enacted in rural areas, reaching even the more traditional areas of India. With this in mind, there are boundless possibilities for success inherent in the fight for women's rights in India. I intend to use Juyal's book to demonstrate some of those successes.
Kaminsky, Arnold and Roger Long. India Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic. Santa
Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2011. Print.
In Kaminsky and Long's book, India is described in detail, particularly post-Raj era. In the case of Indian women, the social norms and customs that traditionally are attributed to Indian families are described. Indian woman are basically entrapped by their husbands through social, economic, cultural and religious means, often forcing them to undergo abortions if they are to have a female child. All of this information is presented as part of a more comprehensive view of the history of India as a whole. In this paper, I will be focusing on the cultural norms regarding women, in an effort to show just how much improvement needs to occur before real change can happen. Luckily, things like the 2005 law that allows wives to inherit their husband's goods and wealth if they were to die before the wife. Laws like these are the beginning of dramatic improvements to the lives and rights of Indian women.

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