Berkeleys Architecture Studies Personal Statement Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:39
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Personal Statement
My intended major at The University of California, Berkeley is Berkeley's architecture studies. I wish to be admitted at the college as a transfer student next fall 2013. I am currently attending a city college where I am pursuing a course that is not related to architecture. Even though the college does not offer any architecture course, my interest in architecture can be backdated to high school. I developed an interest in designing and creating models especially in perspective and landscape. I must admit that by this time I had not picked on a profession that I wanted t pursue. I later heard about architecture while sharing with my fellow students and on reading a little more about the profession, I was convinced that I had the right combination of skills to make an exemplary architecture. My interest in architecture was further propelled by the fact that I was overly good in mathematics; this statement underscores the fact that mathematics is yet another important ingredient in architecture as a profession. In college, the only class that has related to architecture was art history class. I learned about Renaissance architecture and was fascinated of the structure and style. Also, next semester (my last semester) I will take architecture drafting class to be more prepared for this major. My short goal after graduating is to become an industrial designer. While working, I would want to continue to pursue my education in architecture. In the long-term, I wish to pursue Architecture up to doctorate level.
With regards to my short-term and long-term goals, am driven by the notion that I should be part of a class in a college that offers its best to its architecture students. I am particularly interested in The University of California, Berkeley because of its long-standing reputation in producing some of the best architectures in the world. I have read various students’ accounts about their stay and study at the UC Berkeley. The college, according to the many students whose accounts I have read, offers a collegial environment to its students. The college also prides itself with a faculty that made up of some of the best instructors in the U.S. Additionally, the college offers accredited architecture courses as indicated on the college’s website. I am also convinced that the college has some of the best facilities for studying architecture.
Out of academics, I am determined electric organ player. Professedly, I am not very good at playing electric organ even though I am convinced that, with hard work, I will learn to play the organ proficiently. I always volunteer whenever I get the time. For instance, in college I have been involved in several volunteerism activities that range from taking care of the elderly in elder care centers around the college to community outreached that majorly involved sensitization of the surrounding communities on a number of religious issues. I also participate actively in several events organized in the college.
As mentioned earlier, I am very proficient in designing and mathematics; admittedly, the two skills (designing and mathematic) have emerged to be my greatest strengths. I also possess remarkable communication skills which I have developed with time especially during the short period I served as a class representative in college. I am hard working individual who likes facing challenges relentlessly; I owe everything that I have achieved so far to my hard work and unrelenting nature.

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