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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:27
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13 July, 2011
Illegal immigration is a very sensitive concern to the America Public and it divides the nation between those who are compassionate towards its practice and others who are antagonistic; believing that this is causing harm to their country and well being as citizens. The truth is that people who find themselves in this predicament do not love it either. However, illegal immigration appears to be functional since these people work illegally, pay taxes; participate in the economy; do not receive any benefits from social services, but remain here .The argument is that they are robbing legal citizens of jobs and rights. I submit that while this may be true illegal immigration is functional in developed countries. It really is legitimate exploitation of human resources.
Master/ Mistress Chairperson; honorable guests; colleagues; friends, ladies and gentlemen! Listen!
A. I know of two girls ages 9 and 13 who came to America 10 years ago with their mother and aunt respectively. The adult woman was 45 years old at the time. Also she is a professional nurse and teacher with over 20 years experience in both fields. They entered the country legally with American visas from the country of their birth. The children were given six weeks staying with their three month visa and the adult had 30 days from a 5 year multiple entry.
B. They are all still in America today and never left since their entry. Both girls graduated high school with honors; were admitted to some prestigious colleges; had to attend with no financial aid and has three American born kids between them. The 45 year old professional woman was never granted a work permit even though agencies applied for her to have one.
Subsequently, she was encouraged by non governmental organizations to volunteer her services and was paid her a small stipend for her expertise in the arts. With this meager income she heads her family’s household. Up to the time of telling this story these three individuals are still illegal residents in America. The girls cannot work legally even though they graduated college.
This is why I submit to you that illegal immigration is beneficial to developed nations because really it is exploitation of human resources.
Let me explain:-
A. From 2009 census reports coming out of Home Land Security there is an average of 7-20 million illegal immigrants living in the United States of America. (Warren, 2001)
B. They head households consisting of a total of 13.9 million people including children. (Martin 2005)
1. Illegal immigrants work at various levels. 33% can be found in factories; 17% in construction; 21% in farming; 15% in sales and the remaining 24% in private homes nursing sick Americans. (Martin, 2005)
2. 75% seem to be at a higher academic level than Native Americans and African Americans which have a mere 25- 9% college attendance rate. (Passel, 2005) .
3. They are paid far less for the same work legal residents and citizens perform.
C.In the September 3rd 2010 Washington post Edward Matos reported that Stephen C. Goss, the chief actuary of Social Security Administration said that by 2007, the Social Security trust fund had garnered between $120 billion and $240 billion through contributions deducted from working illegal immigrants. (Schumacher-Matos, 2010)
If illegal immigration is such a problem in America how is it that so many immigrants can find jobs and are allowed to work. It is therefore very suggestive that this practice is functional with minimal benefits to the practitioner while living in the society, but a great resource for the host country. Emphatically, it is a cute strategy of importing cheap labor to boast US economy. As such, I strongly disagree with illegal immigration from this perspective.
I have solutions:-
A. A call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
B. Politicians must face the truth of illegal immigration in America
1. When President Obama took Office in 2008 he promised American voters to address the issue of immigration since millions of people are living in the country without social security, numbers, and valid identification apart from their passports. It is no secret that there is a legitimate underground society in America. They are known as the undocumented.
Why keep them undocumented when they are taking away jobs legal Americans should have as well as committing crimes. Recruit officers and begin a massive campaign to remove illegal immigrants from the country if this is so. The fallacy of eluding Comprehensive Immigration Reform is usually caught up in the state of economy. Empathically, if deporting illegal immigrants is the only reform there can be; let it be.
2. The truth, however, is that by allowing 7- 20 million people have social security numbers and legally participate in the social structure would mean that they will have to receive tax returns and social security benefits. How unfair! They pay taxes and social security. Withholding legal status from these individuals is violation of human rights. Clearly, this is why I am against illegal immigration in America.
3. Therefore, if these people are in the country either design a system for a path to legalization or deport every one of them. That makes sense!
C. America does not need a phantom population
1. Why have a tripartite society? The social structure consists of American citizen; legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Create some uniformity by either legalizing people who are making a contribution to the social structure or have a massive deportation program to rid America of such a discreet slavery culture.
D. Both Republicans and Democrats must stop using immigration as a political strategy to win elections.
1. They all know that nothing will be done about immigration reform. Since 9/11 the call for no amnesty is loud within the walls of the White House.
2. Then use the deportation criterion to relive America of such menace if it is true.
My argument is centered on the support American immigration system offers illegal immigration naming it dysfunctional in the society. What is America doing about 7-20 million people living in its country in the shadows. Are they really in the shadows or the shadow lights?
What if these solutions are implemented?
A. Just imagine that you have a relative in America for more than twenty years.
1. This person has no green card; social security card; driver’s license; health care coverage; receives no financial aid, but pays taxes; and social security. Also he/she goes to work every day as you do. Besides, he/she is not entitled to any unemployment benefits; food stamps or cash assistance.
2. Isn’t this a sophisticated rip off! This is the real name of illegal immigration in America.
3. Illegal immigration protestors declare that these people are responsible for the economic crisis America is experiencing today and the financial demise of Jackson Health Care system in America.
B. Take a moment to reflect on the true state of illegal immigration in America and decide for yourself. If the nature of this practice continues as it is, then the numbers of illegal immigrants can treble in the next decade and the phantom community will enlarge. But if we implement the solutions mentioned social justice will prevail.
It is therefore imperative that measures be taken for a Compressive Immigration Reform in America since the present illegal immigration culture is tantamount to human trafficking. People deserve to be safe from exploitation of man by man. Hence, I am against illegal immigration in America.
You can help me confront illegal immigration and call it by its real name.
A. Call your senators and tell them that it is human injustice to have 7-20 million people living and working in America without green cards, social security numbers; driver licenses and ineligible for any benefits after paying into social security and taxes.
1. Their contribution to this society ought to be acknowledged so treat them with dignity. When you meet them on the work place either report it or help them become legalized.
2. Let your politicians know that you are against the practice of illegal immigration in America.
Martin, D. (2005). Twilight statuses: a closer examination of the unauthorized population.
Washington DC: Migration policy institute.
Passel, J. (2005). Unauthorized migrants: numbers and characteristics. Washington: Pew
Schumacher-Matos, Edward. 2010, September 3. How illegal immigrants are helping Social
Security. Washington post, 1.
Warren, R. (2001). Illegal alien resident population: estimates of the undocumented immigrant
population residing in the US. Washington DC: US Immigration and
naturalization services

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