Article Review On Masking Poor Communication

Published: 2021-06-22 00:28:29
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Miscommunication cuts across all classes of society. The article covers the aspect that spouses also fall in the circles of miscommunication. Even though they may know each well, and love each other, loved ones do experience miscommunication. According to the article, new studies suggest that the effectiveness of communication between loved ones may be no better than that with strangers. One of the authors of the article asserts that the cause of this as ‘closeness-communication bias’. According to Boaz Keyzar, this is a phenomenon that makes people underestimate the need to effectively of communication and leads to miscommunication among close loved ones. Through a study of 24 married couples, the article claims, it became clear that the spouses were mistaken with the thought that they communicated more effectively than they really did.
According Kenneth Savitsky, one notable illustration he gives in the article, is that of a woman telling her husband that the temperature was getting high with the intention that he turns up the air conditioning. The husband misinterprets the communication and instead thinks that his wife was pulling an amorous advance or a coy for that matter. The reason why spouses expect that they will understand themselves effectively is the confidence which they have that they will do. Savitsky, according to the article, further asserts that spouses could be on the same wavelength or may think that they are while they are not. They get used to one another and fail to communicate effectively because they do not regard the message of the other counterpart seriously or are preoccupied with other issues. Finally, Nicholas Epley, another co-author, adds that the other biggest reason for miscommunication is the illusion of insight born in the minds of friends and spouses.
Las month my father asked me to go settle an outstanding, bill. I normally help him pay the bills once in a while. He handed me his master card. The miscommunication arose from the general statement. I ended up paying the bill to a phone company that he had since closed. On returning, I handed him the receipt, and it emerged that h wanted me to pay for the post service. He had mentioned the need to pay for the service two days before then and assumed that I would remember that. There are several ways of mitigating miscommunication.
The events that I experienced would have been avoided if I had taken a number of steps in ensuring that my communication was efficient. Miscommunication can be avoided by ensuring that I settled my mind before speaking, that is, one should critically think about the effect of which the conversation will have hence one can organize their thoughts properly. It is also important to ensure that when communicating one speaks up, pursues clarity and avoids stammering during passing of the message. This is through avoiding the use of ‘err’, ‘umm’ and other hesitant vocalizations such as ‘you get what I am saying’. This is to ensure that one is clear with the message they desire to pass. It is also important to be polite and ensure that one gets the attention of the person the message is desired. It is also good to listen and ensure confirmation of receipt and understanding of the message. One should not assume that communication has taken place; it is disastrous for the process. Finally, it is pertinent that the communicator gives reminders to the recipient of the message, this is important for checking if the other party has understood the message. This is important in masking the effects of poor communication.

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