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Published: 2021-06-22 00:46:45
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Marshall James Kerry is a known artist. He was born in the year 1955 in Alabama and was educated at art institute of Otis in Los Angeles where he received a bachelor’s degree and an honorary degree for his exemplary works in arts. In his artistic works, Marshall is basically interested in installation and public projects that are rich in the African American culture, which he attributes to his background.

Marshall has done many arts. Amongst them is the souvenir in which he incorporated a series of sculptures and paintings. In this art, he pays tribute to black power, a civil rights movement which had very many paintings. These paintings depicted how the ordinary African American citizens had risen to heights and were exemplary people to lead the ill motivated racists. With this, he meant that heroes like Martin Luther King junior, Robert Kennedy among others. He completed this work in the year 1998 and its size is 108 x 156 inches.

The “Souvenir IV," 1998

in this sculpture, Marshall tries to show that the African Americans who were racially segregated come as saviors to the world. It is true that this work is still relevant. There are some parts of the world that racial segregation is still taking place which is dehumanizing and violates the human rights. On top of this, racial segregation serious affects the development of people and the world at large in different ways. So this work is still relevant.
Its relevance comes true from the colors that the artist used; he used the white to represent the white race which segregates the African American race.


Jackson Pollock has expressed his style which we can term as action painting. His style is very unique and looks very primitive. However, there have been arguments concerning this style of Pollock as very innovative and a major step in the painting history. In his style, Pollock, instead of using the traditional easel, Pollock basically puts large canvas on the floor. His painting style proves to be very vigorous, very rapid as evidenced from the splashing paints, the use of sticks amongst other evidences that can be gathered from the paintings. Basing on convergence I am deducing why Pollock’s style is important and innovative.

It is said that Pollock’s methodology was basically from his interests in cultures that seemed to be very primitive and in particular, the Native American Navajo thrilled him so much. However, still he was influenced by other people like Picasso, the Surrealists, and Miró, among others.

Pollock’s methodology proves to be very outstanding in that it comes out very distinctively to give proof that painters can really express the emotions that we, human beings have. His style of painting was expressionist. He shows that he is not interested in labeling his works but he leaves them to speak for them. In them he freely gives an expression which should come naturally without any artificial sign. In this way his unique character which is very important is that Pollock’s style of painting is looks more natural and takes another dimension from what most painters do. This is very innovative. He comes up with his own style and outweighs the thinking ability of his fellow painters. Pollock’s style thus proves to be very accurate and worthy of describing a technique.

It is also evident that Pollock approaches painting from a different perspective. He includes in his paintings numbers as his title. In some he even uses footprints. This is very innovative in that no one ever thought of doing this. In using this style, he is simply affirming that he is sure that his works or paintings should be able to tell those who see it what it has, what it reflects in the society. He did not want to take chances of standing on canvas and think. He does it himself, acts as fast as possible.

Some people have come forth to dismiss his method and have said that this style looks very chaotic and meaningless. However, we find that Pollock would not stand alone. Does it mean that Pollock or anybody else can not come up with his own technique that he or she feels looks good? Despite this, there are some of Pollock supporters who have come strongly to say that this style is good. It is not only good but also creates paintings look more real that they could appear when other style could have been used.

Secondly, if it is true that this style is chaotic and misleading, why is it that some people have been really influenced by it? Just like other styles that have been before, I feel that Pollock’s methodology is just okay for it has influenced people like Morris Louis and Helen Frankenthaler. In concluding this part, it good to recognize the other works that Pollock has done apart from convergence and they include Male and Female, Stenographic Figure and Mural among others. He really did a good job in his expressionist style.


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