Argumentative Essay On School Uniform Improves Academic Performance

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:16
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Argumentative Essay: School Uniform Improves Academic Performance
The main argument for the implementation of school uniform is the idea that a uniform will unify students in taking pride in their school and its community. In truth, this is a valid argument and it is partly this which allows school uniform to enhance academic performance in schools. Studies have shown that school uniform actively improves the academic performance of students: Elisabetta Gentile and Scott A. Imberman from the University of Houston concluded, in 2009, that “uniforms may generate substantial improvements in all measures.” (Gentile & Imberman 9). This immediately indicates the value of school uniforms and their impact upon academic performance. In short, this is largely because students are less focused on their appearance and more on their work. Whilst Gentile and Imberman do not offer a suggestion for why this is the case, it is clearly stated that test results improved immediately after the implementation of uniforms (Gentile & Imberman 9).
This is a view further demonstrated throughout the relative literature: “That school uniforms could improve a student’s grades and overall academic success is a theme that also rings throughout the discourse on school uniforms” (Brunsma 86) and this fact alone indicates its prevalence. In practice, school uniforms demonstrate control and maintain a rigidity that modern schools are lacking and is listed alongside “more rigorous curriculum” and “longer school days” (Armario) as being a means to improving academic success. Whilst students may be resistant to it initially, its results will eventually demonstrate its value in terms of academic performance. Students must be focused on their work and not their appearance. Nor should they be misbehaving: another factor which hampers academic performance but has been proven to be quashed by the implementation of school uniform (Gentile & Imberman 9).
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