Argumentative Essay On Our Elevation In The United States

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:21
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Martin Delany is veteran of the American Civil War who is known as father of Black Nationalism and for his realistic and revolutionary views. Delany was from the family of slaves and had experienced the pain of slavery, injustice and inequality. He stood up against these issues in the US and devoted his life for this cause. This paper discusses his views related to god, Spiritual, Moral, and Physical Laws and analyses his opinion about the elevation of colored people in United States of America.
The author thoroughly discusses the religious behavior and traits of the colored people. Author argues that colored people are irrationally dependent on their deities for almost everything and they do not pay attention on their own duties. Delany says that white people are more realistic and they believe in working but colored people are susceptible and they hope to get everything from the god instead of doing anything for themselves. We can take example of Indian students who keep fasting and pray their deities for the success in examination. This is a very normal tendency of Indian students who make efforts to please the god instead of concentrating on their study. This example strengthens views of the author who blames colored people of being highly susceptible of religion.
After having observed the abovementioned analysis, it is a bit difficult to agree by the author that colored people solely believe in the god, deities and not in hard work. Colored People believe in hard working but simultaneously they also have immense respect for their deities. They intend to express their respect to their god by several ways even after they work hard and make severe efforts to achieve the desired things. Their praying and fast is not the traits but it falls in the category of their expression of reverence to their god.

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