Argumentative Essay On Employee's Needs

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:35
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Continue visiting her physiotherapy twice a week
Recover from the car accident physically as soon as possible
Attend the desktop publishing course at college two nights a week
Keep her job
Maintain a good relationship with her boss
Have free time for a personal life and to relax
Not to feel like a slave at work
Lose her job because of her lateness
Never recover from the car accident because of missing her therapy sessions
Develop a tight relationship with her superior
Be unable to attend the evening courses and so diminish her chances for a promotion
Maintain discipline in the work place
Keep valued workers
Lose control over one employee and so inevitably lose control over all
Allowing too much freedom to the subordinates
Remaining humane and understanding
What needs to be stated by the two sides:
The employer needs to tell his needs and concerns
Lisa must also tell her needs and concerns to Marion
They need to concentrate on the common concert: for Lisa to keep her job since she is a valued worker
Possible solutions:
Lisa may try to get her therapy at a different time
Perhaps the company has a parking lot in the center which Lisa can use which would give her enough time to come to work
Lisa could come to work even later but the stay at work in the evening for the time she was late
Lisa may do some work from her home
Role play
M – Hello, Lisa. There is something I need to talk about with you.
L – Good morning.
M – Please sit down. I understand that you must be working hard these days. You have your regular job and the evening classes. On top of all of this there are the regular therapy sessions which you obviously cannot miss. Understanding your situation I made an accretion and allowed you to come later for work during the days of your doctor’s visits. My concern is that you are still late on those days.
L – I apologize, sir. It was very kind of you to let me come late two times a week, but unfortunately the traffic in the parking spaces in the city center are so scarce that 30 minutes is not enough for me to come to work.
M – Lisa, you are a valuable employee and I do not want to have to let you go. I admire that you have taken up the evening courses and that you kept attending them even after you accident. However, as a superior I need to keep discipline in my office. I cannot have other employees taking an example from you. We need to solve this problem as soon as possible.
L – Yes. I understand. And let me just say that I love this job and I really do want to keep it. The company is great and you seem like a very understanding boss. Let me make a phone call. Perhaps I can switch to a different time for my therapy. (calls) Unfortunately the clinic is operational only from 8 am to 5 pm. I was unable to change the time. Perhaps you have a suggestion?
M – Our office does not close at 5 pm. I know that you have your classes which start at 6 pm two times a week. Perhaps on the days that you do not have the evening classes you could stay one hour late. This would make it possible for you to come at 9:30 during the days you visit your physiotherapist. Although I do needs you in the office in the morning. Perhaps just 45 minutes – till 9:45. Is that acceptable for you?
L – Would I have to stay late 3 days or 2 days?
M – Two days of course. But you have to be on time on all the other mornings.
L – I have to admit that coming home later will not be easy but it looks like there is no other way. But I’m glad we got this issue sorted out. Thank you for your time.

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