Argumentative Essay On Letter To Little Girls

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:24
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This is to you little Angles out there who feel that you have everything going for you in this world. So far, life must have been quite soft on you simply because you have been under the wings of your parents receiving maximum protection. You have grown used to a peck on the cheeks as a sign of goodnight, being tucked in bed by daddy and having him read a story for you as you slip into slumber land. Seeing that you have been so pampered, you tend to think that the world is a perfect place to live in. I am not a prophet of doom, but I wish to let you in on some truths that those close to you will not tell you in the name of protecting you.
First of all, you probably feel that you are the most important people in the world and everything relies on you. Well, the harsh truth is that there are people out there who have no idea who you are. Worst of all, there are those who think you are an inconvenience to them. You will meet the class bully who thinks that making you go through a hard time is his purpose on earth. Do not be scared, the world out there is not fair. Just make sure you keep out of trouble.
As you continue growing up, you will realize that there are other odds against you in the society. For instance, you might face the challenge of gender stereotyping where some people in the world think that your male counterparts are more valuable than you. They are said to be stronger, more witty and fun to be with. This does not mean that you are less important. All you have to do is prove your worth to the world. The world has no place for the faint-hearted or the weak. By all means possible, never fall into any of these classes. Remember that you are who you are, not what the world sees you to be. Your parents have shown you that you are an Angel; you can keep that up by being strong-willed, motivated and dedicated in everything.
At this time, I am pretty sure that when you hear of terrorism, you only think of the Al-Qaeda, bombs and explosives, guns and weaponry that are used to kill and maim. Probably, the stories about terror are some of the reasons you like having your lights on as you sleep, or to have your parents watch over you till you fall asleep. Well, let me introduce you to the world of child terrorism. I know this sounds absurd to you. However, if you sit back and think, do you know something about children gangs? Well, this is exactly what I mean. As you grow up, you will come across this groups; children of your age who are involved in drugs, shoplifting, terrorizing the neighborhood through their mischief and ganging up against those who do not ascribe to their ways. Whichever the decision you make, you are likely to fall into trouble in this. If you join such gangs, you risk being charged for delinquency which might see you go to an approved school and loose your freedom. If you decide to remain a good girl, you might be unlucky to be a target of such groups. Don’t be frightened little ones; I am just trying to be honest with you. On this matter, I would advice you to stay clean and if the bullies come to you, you can always seek for help.
I think I have already given you enough for today. We can discuss more some other time. All I would like you to have in mind is that this world is not a perfect place. It can turn an Angel into a demon. Please be cautious in whatever you do or engage in.

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