Argumentative Essay On Common Core Standards

Published: 2021-06-22 00:26:08
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The element of common core was established and implemented in 2009 by the state governors and education administrators. The standards ruling the introduction of common core in institutions of learning was to make sure that all learners across the defined states learned the same concepts. Initially every state had its own educational standards and, as a result, learning varied in different states. The introduction of common core in the institutions assisted in collaboration and coordination of education syllabuses and in assessing performance of students equally among the states. It is also a measure of pooling resources and cutting down on educational expenditure by bringing out the best from the students. This paper evaluates the effect of setting up common core standards for high school students in America (Kendall, 2011).
The setting up of common core standards will improve on stability of high school students. Most of these students are usually compelled to change schools due to some circumstances (Chaucer, 2012). Standardizing of the common core would imply that all learners have a consistent experience across all learning institutions, and thus disparities are minimized. The problem of disparities that arise due to own standard of testing and evaluation among states will be reduced by the introduction of a standard common core. However, standardizing the common core would mean that teaching methods and the content of the curriculum will be compromised. Schools will be expected to adhere hence diversity; speed and introduction of new elements of study may be affected. Additionally, the standardizing the education will cater for differences in diversity, economic, ethnic and racial differences that exist among the students.
Common core will enable the creation of a homogeneous educational standard (Kendall, 2011). With the common core, the prerequisites and predefined skills that every student should be in possession before enrolling in higher learning will be homogeneous. This will eliminate the trends of favorism and discrimination of students from remote areas. The teachers will formulate quality instructions to enhance international competitiveness, and this will boost the international curriculum (Chaucer, 2012). The students will equally stand for the opportunity to develop and will also boost self confident due to equality in competition. The fair and just evaluation of the students will reduce the disadvantage of background discrimination. Teachers will base their plans from the progress of the students, and this will enhance development of professions at an early age. This will, in turn, create a spirit of fairness, cohesion, integration and tolerance among the students.
The transition to standardized common core is expected to have considerable challenges, but this will be limited by the strengths of the results of the transition. The standard will provide quality education that will assist students to focus on their targets and prepare them to face the future (Kendall, 2011). The standards will also be helpful for parents and teachers in assessing students’ progress and analyzing the weaker parts for improvement. Standardizing the education will, however, be limited on the differences in the student’s learning styles. Some students are fast learners while others take time to understand. With the predetermined plans, this might lead to lagging behind in some institutions, especially the ones that are not well equipped by secondary sources of information. However, the standards provide measures which determine students’ point of weakness and with this the teachers be enhanced to formulate better teaching plans to cater for all students.
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