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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:40
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You are a men’s worker at a Family Support Service where you support dads in their parenting role. Mike has been referred to your service by the Child and Family Health Nurse. Mike is 20 years old and has the full time care of a 6mth old baby. Mikes ex partner Sara has supervised contact with their baby on the weekends, due to drug and alcohol issues. Sara’s weekend contact is supervised by her mum. Mike is very isolated in his role as a dad, and is struggling to come to terms with the responsibilities of being a single dad. He has given up his studies to be a chef, to look after his baby, and is living with his parents.
1. Explain how you would use the initial session to gather information as a foundation for counselling process
The client-centred therapy is focused on person’s present and future rather than on his past (McLeod 2008a). The community worker should gather information on Mike’s present and on how Mike feels now and how he estimates his position. Besides, the community worker should try to find emotional contact with Mike, to make therapy the empathically-based.
On the contrary, the Freud’s theory is aimed to find out past events in the life of the patient that led to difficult situation in the present (McLeod 2008b). In this case the community worker should ask about Mike’s relationship with his parents in childhood.
2. Explain counselling process to clarify client’s understanding and expectation
The client expects to find the solutions to his problem. The community worker should find out how Mike understands his problem, what is the biggest difficulty for him at the moment: break-up with Sara, taking care of the baby, giving up studies etc. So the counselling should include Mike’s thoughts about his present state and future plans. The counselling process should be based on three basic rules of Roger’s therapy:
1) Finding a congruence with the client;
2) To provide client with unconditional positive regard, that is to appreciate client in a way he is;
3) To make counselling process empathic (McLeod 2008a).
3. Apply knowledge of lifespan development theories to clarify client’s development status
Lifespan development theories are aimed to help psychologists to find out at that level of person’s development there was a problem that could lead to the present situation. Using the Freud’s lifespan theory (McLeod 2008b) it can be said that a problem occurred with Mike during the phallic stage of development and that’s why father’s role is so important for him. The other problem could happen to him during his genital stage and that resulted in unsuccessful partnership.
4. Identify potential risk factors associated with client’s developmental issues
As Mike is very isolated in his role as a father he might find out himself lonely and helpless without aid and support. And it can result into problems with his self-perception in society. Besides, giving up studies is another problem that could hinder his development in professional way. As Mike is also unsatisfied with his love affairs he might experience problems with relationship building in the future.
5. Check for any indications of issues requiring notification of authorities
As community worker takes care not only about Mike but also about his baby he/she should check the father’s attitude to the baby, whether the child receives appropriate care. It might be an issue that needs examination by authorities.
Besides, Sara’s addiction to drugs and alcohol may be dangerous for Mike and his child and that’s why requires to be checked by authorities.

Mike is a single parent and might apply for governmental support and opportunity to continue his studies.

6. Outline how you acknowledged and respected clients’ immediate concerns
One of Mike’s immediate concerns is a search for an understanding of his difficulties. The community worker should try to understand inner world of Mike and be sympathetic to his problems as well as appreciate Mike’s struggle for being a single parent. The community worker needs to discuss with Mike his love to the child, his readiness to give up studies etc.
7. Develop a plan for counselling and contract with client as required to address disclosure and organisation/service requirements.
According to Roger’s approach the person-centred therapy does not have any particular techniques as it is aimed at finding congruence and it should be led by client (McLeod 2008a). As the community service is confidential the client should disclose all the information needed for the successful solution of the problem.
8. How did you affirm significance of what the client says
The affirmation of the significance of client’s words is a positive regard. It should be unconditionally positive, as to say, the worker should appreciate client regardless whether he appreciates all his actions.
9. Identify and affirm clients’ understanding of what they have a right to expect from the service.
According the Code of Ethics designed for community workers the client can expect of the worker that the counselling is confidential, accountable and is conducted in a respectful way to the client. Besides, the client can expect that his problem would be solved in case the solution would bring benefit to the society (Anon, 1999).

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