Applying for Master of Public Administration at Roger Williams University Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:35
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It is in the light of honing my professional skills that am applying for an opportunity to pursue a Masters of Public Administration degree at Roger Williams University. The drive to be a more specialized professional and yearn to learn more insofar as this discipline is concerned is impetus pushing me. Roger Williams offer me the opportunity with a high standard facilities, quality education and market oriented type of training.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and have worked in the Arab National Bank as an Assistant Section Head for two more years i.e. 2007-2009 as an assistant administrator, Customer Relationship in Altawil Training Center for 3 months and as a Customer Service Representative at Arab national Bank, I therefore would wish to whet my skills in this area and be a better professional, to enable me serve from a more senior opportunity and serve even more people. The desire to learn and achieve my best is what has pushed me this far.
While in my undergraduate school, I was faced with financial problems and I had to help in the family. I had to work to supplement the financial situation in the family while at the same time be at school and study for my undergraduate course. It is however due to the passion I have for learning that I managed to attend to both and graduate with very good grades. Passion, in life, is a weapon: a good weapon.
With this level of qualification I would be in a better position to execute my professional duties to a larger number of people and in a larger capacity. It would turn me into a more useful professional to this field of knowledge. My ultimate professional dream is to become a good leader and set an example to my peers and my juniors. This I can well achieve if I have the highest professional abilities that could only be achieved through learning.

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