Annotated Bibliography on Computer Hacking Cybercrime and Cyber-Security

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:56
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Clemmitt, Maria. Computer Hacking. Can “good” hackers help fight cybercrime? (16, Sep 2011). Volume 21, Issue 32. Web Retrieved 02, Feb 2012 from file:///E:/work%20files/writers%20bay/January%20Projects/Case%23141223/document1.htm
Maria has clearly emphasized the importance of web security by means of approaching hackers to fight for the greater cause. The report includes discussions of leading website giants, tackling issues about cybercrimes and security measures needed in order to make the virtual environment risk free. Hackers think and act the alike, if there is a need to catch a cybercriminals the best way possible is to use another to work for law enforcers. The report showed the relevance of using hackers to track down cyber offenders. Evidently the vast diversity of technological advancement makes it difficult to pinpoint the culprits in most cybercrimes. The government on the other hand is working on getting their hands on hackers that can change sides. The disadvantage on this set up is that hackers are hackers, no matter which side they are working with they still have the capability to either save or to destroy an organization.

Marshall, Patrick. Cybersecurity. Are U.S. military and civilian computer systems safe? (26, Feb 2010). Volume 20, Issue 8. Web Retrieved 02, Feb 2012 from file:///E:/work%20files/writers%20bay/January%20Projects/Case%23141223/document2.htm
Based on this report, it shows that big or small any organization is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even military infrastructures are prone to cybercriminal activities, if high security systems such as the military are still being bombarded with hacking activities what more of private computers at home. Although the report showed the difference in resources between hackers and military based equipments, it is evident that the value of hardware and software being used for cyber intrusion is not paramount in conducting cyber crimes. Another fact established in this report is the reality that geographical border is no longer a strong barrier to overcome. Anyone from any place can attack, private organizations, government agencies and military database. The situation becomes potentially problematic when the perpetrators decided to spoof the source. When that happens, law enforcers will then face a biggest challenge of identifying the criminals.
Katel, Peter. Identity Theft. Can Congress give Americans better protection? (10, Jun 2005). Volume 15, Issue 22. Web Retrieved 02, Feb 2012 from file:///E:/work%20files/writers%20bay/January%20Projects/Case%23141223/document3.htm
The report focused on the issue of identity theft which is causing life changing experiences to the victims. Katel addressed the issue in a comprehensive manner that all aspects of the problem have been discussed in details. The problem with identity theft is that cyber criminals have the privilege to gain access to pertinent information such as social security number, credit card number, address and phone numbers. Having that power to steal another person’s information allows them to use that information to acquire money or materials of great value. As a result, the victims are facing more devastating surprises. There are cybercriminals that are caught for committing identity theft, but the problem is that there is no strong policy and established law that will apprehend cyber criminals in particular. As a result, the victims spend more time clearing out their reputation and struggling to pay off debts caused by identity theft.
Clark, Charles S. Regulating the Internet. Can the use of cyberspace be governed? (30, Jun 1995). Volume 5, Issue 24. Web Retrieved 02, Feb 2012 from file:///E:/work%20files/writers%20bay/January%20Projects/Case%23141223/document4.htm
Computer and internet together have already became a way of life, a great number of our population are computer dependent. But because of the rising incidents of cybercrimes, online security is becoming a major issue that legislators and government are trying to resolve. This report by Clark discusses preventive measures and policy plans to regulate the use of the internet along with the objective to impose rules that will control cyberspace activities. Apart from identity theft, intrusions and cyber terrorism; another issue is being addressed in this report that involves stealing of intellectual property or otherwise called as piracy. Movie makers and record producers are working hand in hand with the government to prevent online piracy which is causing them huge loss of revenue. The obstacle that law makers are facing in this problem is how they could control people from using the internet without stepping into a person’s personal privacy and cutting intellectual property leakage.
Hansen, Brian. Cyber-Crime Should penalties be tougher? (12, Apr 2002). Volume 12, Issue 14. Web Retrieved 02, Feb 2012 from file:///E:/work%20files/writers%20bay/January%20Projects/Case%23141223/document5.htm
The climbing rate on cybercrime has already reached an epidemic proportion. With that on hand law makers are working on addressing this issue by creating policies that will totally keep cybercriminals are bay. Hansen’s report talks about the severity of penalties that needs to be imposed on criminals lurking in the virtual community. The prevailing laws in most countries are not yet updated to completely adhere to the call for a change in policy. Existing laws have their own priorities and criteria set to determine severity of the crime and it applicable punishment. Since cybercrimes delivers the same degree of damages as traditional crimes, this report provides adequate reason for putting up a more severe punishment for cybercrime offenders. Instances of cyber criminals caught served lighter sentences as compared to the ones who committed the same crime on a traditional approach and most people sees it as unfair justice.

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