Animal Cruelty Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-22 00:27:26
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Animal cruelty refers to the infliction of pain to which causes harm to the animals. This is done by human beings intentionally or unintentionally. It can be in self defense or not. However, some people do apply such pain to animals for some specific gain. This may include killing them for food purposes or to get their by products like fur, hides and skins among others.
Animal cruelty does take place all over the world. However, there are laws that would apply to protect the animals from such painful treatments. These laws differ from one country to the other. Although the laws apply, it does not work in all the countries. This is because of different opinions concerning the animals’ purpose in the lives of human beings.
Basically, there are two main ways through which we can approach the issue of animal abuse. We can handle it from the position of the animal welfare department which puts it that nothing is wrong in using the animals to be source of food, entertainment, clothing, and research among others. They argue that using them this way does not guarantee us to act on them inhumanely. They thus propose that though we can use the animals for our benefits and that it can involve pain, we need to be humane in our acts. In this way we will be minimizing the pain and suffering that the animals are subjected to. However this position of the animal welfare department is facing criticism from animal rights department. The argument is that using the terms ‘humane’ and ‘unnecessary pains’ in their definitions may be ambiguous in that everybody may have his own definitions of humaneness. The animal rights department therefore argues that the only way of controlling such abuses or rather protecting the animals is ensuring that the animals are never used as commodities in the society. This is to say that they are against the status of animals being owned as any other property.
It is true that God gave us the responsibility of taking care of the animals. Taking care of animals entails caring for there feelings as well. This means that human beings ought to take care of the animals as they can take care of any other person. This is the humaneness as far as animal treatment is concerned.
Despite this advocacy for the animals’ rights we can not deny that animal cruelty has to continue. Animals’ lives have to be taken in order for people to continue feeding on flesh. This forms the basic component of food that man feed on. It is true to accept that not all times will the laws apply to save the animals. This is with the consideration that some animals are very dangerous and people have to act with force in order to get rid of the dangers that the animal may bring to them. It is worth noting that in cases where the animal poses more danger to the people’s lives then one may not have an alternative but to get rid of the animal with any available means.
Animal cruelty is important in that it makes us realize that animals have life and do experience pain just as we do. It thus calls for our understanding that animals have no minds to think that they have messed and may not require the harsh punishment that we may accord them in form of pain. With this realization we are bound to take good care of the animals as we are required.
Animal cruelty as a course is also important in that it helps us appreciate the value in our animals. Animals are not jus property. By recognizing the value of the animals we are likely to put into consideration the amount of work that we may want the animals to perform for us. Thus the animals’ welfare will be improved.
It is also important because it helps us evaluate the benefits that we get from these animals. The value of whatever we get from these animals should not be treated as a right but as a privilege. So, animals’ lives have to be our priority in them. We should give them treatment incase we notice any kind of sickness in them. We should also give them food and water to ensure that all that they do for us will remain to be done.
Writing for the poor animals entails passing ideas to the people through print media to create awareness in them concerning the value of animals. One can write materials that can be used in institutions and mass media programmes to create this awareness. Also writing can be done to the people in the authority so that they can act and enforce laws that will make people value the animals.
Writing for the animals may include how one would like the animals to be treated in the society. This should be n a way that people handle the animals. It should be in uniformity and should not bring varied interpretations of meanings to the people. By this I mean that we should put forth that will see every society work in unison regarding the lives of the animals and how they are handled in the society.
Another perception in which a person can write for the animals is by motivating animal literature in the society. By this the people involved will be influenced and will effectively use the information that will be circulating. This will be better than just reading throughout what others have written.
The fight for the animals’ rights and welfare is not an individual issue. However, it calls for an individual to take the initiative of handling it. Through individual initiative the whole society will realize it.
Through these we are able to fight for the animals’ welfare amongst cruel human beings.

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