Amy Reinfenrath Cheaters Cost Social Security Billions The Oregian 2008 Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:46
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Annotated Bibliography : Abuse of social security disability
The author begins by pinpointing out the fact that the Social Security Administration has not reviewed the medical situations of up to 1.7 million on its disability pay rolls. She attributes this as the major reason as to why some people benefit from this funding and they aren’t disabled. This is estimated to be a cost of up to about $11. The author clearly identifies this loophole of the agency failing to carry out disability reviews as the major cause of abuse of social security disability. According to her, people use this loophole to their advantage and claim lots of funds from their government and aren’t sick or injured to work. Amy Reinfenrath sheds more light on the federal law which stipulates that the Social security is required to frequently carry out an evaluation of all the people who benefit from the Disability trust fund. The assessment referred to is known as Continuity Disability reviews whose aim is the cut off undeserving people from the list. Detailed examples of people who have abused the social security disability are given and the various reasons why the underlying citizens cheated. Most of the people were sick at first but on getting better they don’t see the need of revealing their situations to the social security administration. Other people were plain cheaters according to the author who give false information in order to reap where they haven’t sowed. The author identifies the main reason as to why the reviews by the social security administrations is overdue is because of the lack of funding to carry out the same.
This is a very significant source as it identifies the existence of abuse of the social security disability and the major reason as to why such abuse occurs. In addition it identifies what is being done and what can be done to solve this issue. This source enables one to understand the reason why people abuse the disability funds and some get away with it.
Nonan, M. Abusing Social Security disability. Retrieved 11/19/12. From
Nonan begins by giving an example of Lissette Franceschi from Puerto Rico who lost her job as a nurse due to layoffs and later on suffered of depression and arthritis. The author compares his own condition to that of Lissette and concludes that his situation also qualifies him for the disability funds but he didn’t go for it. Instead the author opted to work and depicts Lissette Franceschi as abusing the social security disability. The author argues that if one can be able to work then there is no need for the disability funds. He identifies the reasons as to why most people abuse the social security disability. First he observes that the economic policies in the USA leads to a situation of inadequate supply of wealth and hence lack of employment. This according to him is the reason why people can do whatever it takes to get paid, even if it involves defrauding the social security disability. In addition, the author pinpoints the government system being disorganized and lacking harmony in operation as another reason why people find loopholes and end up cheating to get the disability funds. He recommends that the government should strive to create more jobs. Also the disability funds should only be allocated to people who are sincerely in need and cannot work due to sickness or injury.
The author of this article used a brilliant comparison using his own life in order to bring home a point why some people go for the disability funds when they ought not to. This is somehow attributed to laziness and an easy way out. The author’s arguments are convincing which includes the reasons as to why abuse the disability funds. This he analyses from both the people and the government point of view.
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Amy Reinfenrath. Cheaters cost Social Security Billions. The Oregian. 2008.
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