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Published: 2021-06-22 00:44:13
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1. a. The Democratic Party must address the following question: How to protect slavery and rights of people to possess slaves?
b. By this statement the Platform means that the rights of the citizens to possess slaves are protected even in the Northern parts, which are called United States, on the premises where natives are living as well as on the expanding territories of the country
c. The article three states that the rights of citizens to possess slaves are protected in every state and territory, and this is issue is controlled by the General Government
d. The articles five to seven point out the conflicts between the South and the North and the fact that the Northern Congress has no power to limit slavery in the Southern States and rights of the citizens of these States wherever they are.
e. Alabama delegates would withdraw from the convention in case the platform would not be adopted by the convention
2. a. The South Carolina dissolved the agreement with Northern states because the state authorities strongly supported slavery institution and the policy of democratic North was not supported by them
b. Any attempt to reinforce Ft. Sumter would be considered as an act of war because it is unconstitutional. On one hand, the South Carolina dissolved the agreement with the North but on the other hand the state respected the rights of the United States and the attempt of the armed forces to enter the harbor and the fort is considered to be a threat to the safety of the people inside the fort as well as to the whole state of South Carolina.
c. Coercion in this case means that Mr. Pickens considered the surrender of the Fort Sumter as a military act aimed at declaring the power of the United States and their ability to attack the Southern States. Furthermore, the coercion can mean that the conflict is a serious one and can be ended with war.
d. The Fourth section of the Mississippi Ordinance of Secession is dedicated to the issues of the possible confederation of states, which do not support the United States. This is a direct threat to the constitutionality and the unity of the country as it is an attempt to create another country from the parts of the existing one.
e. The state of Alabama is seceding because the delegates of the state consider the elections of the Abraham Lincoln as a wrong decision and the threat to the policy of the Alabama and the laws of the state. The authority fear that the current government could insult the peace and the security of Alabama
f. The Alabama agrees on a peaceful settlement of the crisis in case the slavery would not be abolish on the territory of the country, the slave-trade would be protected, punishment for criminals, who after committing the crime ran to another state, would be more string, the slavery would not be prohibited in Columbia etc. All in all the proposition of the Alabama was related to protection of the slavery institution. In case the United States would agree upon it Alabama would end up the conflict.
g. The offer of Alabama refers to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required citizens to assist in the recovery of fugitive slaves.
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