Admission Essay On Shippensburg university

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:42
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Admission Essay
Earning a Master’s Degree in a leadership related field has been my dream for the last couple of years. Ever since starting my nursing education back in Saudi Arabia, I had an objective to reach excellence in the field of medicine and become an outstanding professional with a strong background. The Organizational Development and Leadership Program at Shippensburg University will give me the opportunity to utilize leadership knowledge in medical practice.
At the moment I have an ambition to start my Master’s program in Risk Control at the University of Wisconsin Stout. Moving to the United States itself has been a very important decision, which I believe will positively impact on my career.
Prior to this I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from King Saud University. I believe that this specialization is particularly useful in society, and the feeling of bringing a positive impact has motivated me to excel in nursing. While studying at university, I strived to get more practical experience through various internships. Rotating jobs in community health care, critical care, pediatric, maternity, and several other fields contributed to my theoretical knowledge. Moreover, working experience as a staff midwife and a charge nurse at the Ridyadh Military Hospital shaped my attitude towards caring and being responsible for people’s lives.
I have been always passionate about learning, and I truly enjoy doing it. That is one of the reasons why I have attended various professional trainings and now aspiring to start a new degree. Leadership is an essential part of everything nowadays, especially healthcare. I believe that combination of nursing, risk control and leadership backgrounds will be an added value in any profession.
After researching about this particular program, I became more interested in studying at the Shippensburg University. I have compared several schools and selected Shippensburg University for outstanding faculty, variety of courses, solid reputation and overall high rankings. Moreover, this Master program includes several business classes, as well as communication, public organizations and leadership. After completing this degree, I would like to get a leading position in nursing or medical field and apply knowledge in practice. Healthcare is a pillar of society’s wellbeing and development. In a long run, I strive to build a community help center with professional volunteers who would give advice on healthy lifestyle.
Leadership changes people’s lives, and healthcare leadership is even more essential in making positive changes today. I am committed to serving the society where I live and creating a better environment. With this ambition, I am applying for the Organizational Development and Leadership Program at Shippensburg University.

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