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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:38
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Personal Statement
As a senior house officer in the surgical department at Second March Hospital, I have received a principally well-rounded education in the Medicine field, complemented by various researches based on several scientific activities. In November 2008, I was appointed an administrator in the same faculty, a position I have held ever since.
My interest in the health care field started whilst I was in secondary school. I was initially introduced to many diverse features of the medical field as a member of the Libyan board program for medicine. My additional research experience in the Sebha University under the Faculty of Medicine inspired me to enter the surgeon profession. My background in surgery has introduced me to a number of the practical applications of medicine in public health. It is a challenging field that would enable me to provide health care to many people. It is a critical part of welfare, and I think that I can make an important contribution to this field of Medicine. Though I expect that a great deal of my time as an expert will be exhausted providing clinical care, I am resolute to carry on with researching new techniques for enhanced treatment. My occupation objective is to centre in the area of surgery and public health and introduce these majors to students in my country. Through this, I hope to help in the prevention and cure of public health related diseases.
In groundwork for this master’s degree and the public health sector, I have made a strong background in public health and disease prevention in addition to my profession in surgery. Given the present demand for increased computing capability, I have also put more exertions in perfecting my computer skills. As a probable public health medical scholar, I will struggle to be a splendid asset to ( ) by dedicating the entire fraction of my time and existence to being an exceptional practitioner. I consider that I am obliged to employ my talents in a productive way, in a manner that profits society. The medical career offers me the exclusive chance to articulate my many talents while benefiting human life.
In regarding my communications skills, it is quite possible to defy Dr. Berston thought, which states “A funny thing happens to medical students on their way to becoming physicians: they forget how to hold a conversation.” (Kingston 232). I do know how to communicate with people; therefore, I suppose that my aptitude to communicate puts me in appropriate position to pursue this medical field. While I hold a strong surgeon background indispensable for achievement in the career, I have attended many conferences; therefore, I have continuously met new people and discussed different topics on the same issue.
In your school of Medicine, I also intend to practice side work teaching students and helping as a reserve to the community. Public health not available in my country, therefore through this experience, I will be able to introduce this major to the students in my country and overall establish it in my country, Libya. I have always been able to instigate a good understanding with students (Sebha medical university); I trust I hold an aptitude for educating people in a responsive mode and in a way, which aids them in grasping complicated notions effortlessly. As fraction of my medical profession, I will aspire to carry on teaching and providing information to the community on the avoidance and treatment of illnesses and diseases.
Unquestionably, my cultural multiplicity will be an immense input to (). Being brought up in an Arab family in Libya and through visiting diverse countries (attending the conferences), I have acknowledged the resemblances and disparities among many varied cultural groups and environmental areas. This has permitted me to communicate and relate to diverse natures of people by appreciating their approaches, principles, a value that will aid me work well with other medical students and assist me in serving my patients, and people better in the future. Besides, being a female doctor in male dominated Arab world is in itself a point to be proud of. I defied all odds to penetrate this world to the extent of becoming a renowned surgeon, with several operations under my watch.
Exceedingly aggravated to thrive, I have considerably enhanced surgery skills subsequent to the attendance of several conferences, like the 15th conference of Libyan surgeon Association in November 2008 and the International of Diabetes Federation of Libyan Diabetic Association in April 2009. In addition, I also have in my possession a certificate in advanced trauma life support, which I attained in January 2007. I have been hard working in my chase of Medicine as a profession because I am swayed that it offers me the prospect to live a satisfying, worthwhile life devoted to serving others. I will enter public health medicine career keen to discover and hungry for the information and knowledge to assist my fellow compatriots and other human beings in general. Attending () would be one of the utmost incentives for my inspiration and perseverance for accomplishment. I vow to maintain and go beyond all that is anticipated of a prospect public health officer while encouraging the development of medicine and humanity in the end.
To conclude, I am a female doctor from Libya, a male dominated Arab world, with an ambition to introduce a public health system, which is currently missing; in my country. I have specialized in surgery and quite excelled in the same. I have involved myself diligently in the field with several operations under my watch, besides being made an administrator in Second March Hospital where I have worked for three and a half years. My main objective, relating to my application for a masters degree in public health program in your school ,is get the inclusive knowledge you offer and relay it to the students in my country in a bid to establish public health care in Libya. I believe that by learning in your school, I will be able to offer brilliance in comprehensive care through exploiting my obtained skills as both a capable expert and as an empathetic human being. I will also be to nurture my management function both in the society of my practice and in the country to invent and preserve health care standards and improvements. From your school, I will also be able to utilize the newest information and techniques in discovery and prevention of disease, and the reinstatement of health and everlastingly develop my knowledge through experience, abiding education courses, and research.
Work cited
Kingston, M. Philosophy behind medicine. CA; Moonshine publicists, 2010

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