Admission Essay On My Professional Goal, Academic Interest, Motivation

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:38
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While in high school, I became interested in sociology when I took a class about social and cultural phenomena. It is fascinating to watch cultural trends change over time. My goal is to become a journalist so I can study and report on sociology.
Cultures differ on what is acceptable behavior in their society. For example, people from the United States shake hands when they greet each other while people from the Japanese culture bow when they greet each other. Why? How did these different behaviors develop? What is the significance of each behavior? Researching these differences interests me.
Another social phenomenon to study is why some books are so popular all over the United States and sometimes all over the globe. Take the Harry Potter books as a case in point. Hundreds of millions of Harry Potter books have been sold all over the world. What is the fascination? This is an issue I want to explore. Researching what interests a society can reveal a great deal about what a society values and believes.
Sociology is the foundation of every discipline. For example, law enforcement employees study how to tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. Witnesses who lie act differently than witnesses who tell the truth. Learning how to observe people can help detectives solve crimes. As a journalist, I will be able to report on investigations and trials. I will ask law enforcement what they observed and how these observations helped them to solve the case.
I am excited to begin my college career studying journalism and exploring the professional options available to me in journalism and the media. My sincere hope is that you will accept my application to study with your organization.

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