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Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:26
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I strongly believe that far-sightedness is a common household name to every ambitious mind as far as achievement of long-term educational goals in life is concerned. This issue is largely based on some paramount facts which can impossibly be de-linked from it; careful planning, accurate timing, straight thinking, firmness in enforcement of execution of plans and hard studying, personal grooming, punctuality, efficiency, discipline and self restrain, honesty, integrity, independency, diligence and professionalism, are some of the virtual morals receding the achievement of long-term educational goal achievements, just to mention a few.
I have always dreamt of becoming a banker in financially challenged banks so that I can help them recover and take good positions in the best banks of the world. I developed a primary interest of joining the best universities, score high grades earn my master’s degree before proceeding with the pursuing of my PhD in accounting; this has been a natural conviction which has been emanating from a very remote encounter to this discipline.
I discovered quite early in life that I am very inquisitive, good in mathematics and business studies as well as critical and even my father testified to this when he said that I took after my uncle who was a bank manager. I n order for me to pursue my dream successfully, I am planning to join one of the best accounting Universities that the world has. This will put my academic capacity to task and ensuring the full testing of my knowledge and professionalism. Apart from that, I also aspire to be attached with those banks with have challenging conditions. I intend to be the team leader and take my bank to the highest level possible in the world. I am also working hard to ensure that my reputation as banker reigns in the books of record holders by achieving goals that have never been achieved by any other banker in the history of banking in the world. I am ready to take the challenge of handling big monies from business heavyweights like the American business magnate Donald Trump since I concur with Fuller (2001) that the key to survive in this challenging sector, is to stay focused, flexible and sharp.
Every individual including the minors who are still at school must put it in mind that education is the key to good life and that in order for anyone to make it in life; he/she must have good formal education. With education, there is nowhere in the entire world that one cannot go. All these go hand in hand with hard work, respect and punctuality.
Hendricks, m. (2001): Banker's qualities. Derived October 4, 2010 from

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