Admission Essay On Future Goals At Queens University

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:42
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Undoubtedly, goal setting is one of the most important processes in career, as well as in daily life. If one sets himself clear targets, he manages not only to reach them, but to learn much new and reach them with higher efficiency. When it comes to me, in each and every situation I try to identify what exactly I would like to reach and what kind of benefits I would like to finally get.
Speaking about my goals at Queen's University, there is a number of the most important and, I would say, essential ones. First and foremost, it is knowledge, as I realize that such an opportunity not only allows me to absorb new information, but helps me to develop my already existing knowledge and skills better. I do realize that studying calls for stamina and efforts; however, I do also understand which results I may finally achieve. Being a winner inside, undoubtedly, I do want to become one of the top students at the university, not only to prove someone what I can, but first of all prove it myself. I have got used to paving my way through the life, and everything I have already achieved is my personal accomplishment.
Needless to say that I am an extravert and I do like to be in a good company of friends. I am convinced that School and University are the best periods for making real friends, who will be ready to lend a helping hand I any situation. It is always a challenge to appear in a completely different atmosphere with new people; nevertheless, I am convinced that due to my flexibility, honesty and sense of humor I will help me develop my social life at the University.
Moreover, I think that experience gained at Queen's University will help me finally understand which resources can be used to help me grow in the Business sphere. One of my long-term goals, after I graduate from the University, is to establish a company which will help Canadian forest companies to create and develop market in China. That is why I do hope that I will be able to get all the necessary knowledge and skills to bring my idea and project to life.
I set myself targets each and every day, and all the targets I used to have had been successfully reached due to my confidence and persistence, and I am determined that if I am honored to study at Queen's University, all the targets I have already set will be reached as well.

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