Admission Essay On Fashion Management at UCAS

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:30
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My name is Davide. Since my childhood I have been a very creative, hard-working and goal-directed person. I strongly believe that there is nothing in the world that cannot be achieved. My life theory is that one should struggle for all those things that can bring happiness and satisfaction to his/her life and make it worth living. Despite the statement that money makes the world go round, I am convinced that money means nothing without psychic income. That is why it is of vital importance for me to be fully satisfied with my job and get the best out of it. Consequently, throughout my life I tried to dedicate myself only to those activities which would involve my creativity, appease my hunger for reaching the top of the business, my strong desire for improvement. Undoubtedly, I am talking about the most creative, demanding and the most beautiful sphere of business in the world – fashion. For me this is the only thing that makes my own world go round and that can bring me happiness and satisfaction throughout my entire life.
My greatest intention at this time is to enroll ‘Fashion management’ course for 2011-2012 academic year so I would be able to go deep into fashion and absorb it with every cell of my body.
Speaking about my first experience in fashion, I received it in 2004 when I was hired to the position of a shop-assistant in ‘Barbaro’ boutique in Naples, and since then fashion became my obsession. Later on, I started close collaboration with my manager helping him to choose the best designer of men’s wear collections in order to get the best product for the boutique. In fact, I was responsible for many things and this was motivating me all the time. Consequently, I realized I loved that job a lot. This was the reason why I decided to improve my working skills and, thus, took ‘Multimedia language and fashion trends’ course at Florence University of Literature and Philosophy. There I passed 26 exams, including several exams in fashion management, and got 96 university credit points. While studying, I had a perfect opportunity to acquire knowledge of drapery (tissues), history of fashion and a lot of other fashion pecularities.
While studying, I had a side nonprofit job of buyer in a small company based in the Macrolotto area, Prato, Italy. My responsibilities were to analyze customers’ needs, who usually buy clothes in shops, their wishes and expectations and I was to make those meet with their budget so that everybody would be satisfied. Basically, the owners of the clothes’ shops came to our boutique for advice and I was expected to direct them on the right track. All in all, leaving our company, clothes’ shops’ owners knew exactly what they customer needed and made the best choice in fashionable clothes.
After some time, I had to quit the university due to financial problems – as the matter of fact, I was not able to pay for it anymore no matter how much I wants to continue studying. This was a semi-private university, and that is why it was much more expensive than a public one or conservatory. Later, however, I decided to enter another university. Soon I was lucky to have Music and New Technologies course (audio engineering) at State Conservatory of Music. All in all, this course gave me a lot, particularly, I had a perfect opportunity to try myself as a composer ( I have been playing piano for many years) and express my creativity in another field apart from fashion. In order to understand the importance of something, one needs to change it to something else and feel the difference. Anyway, this university gave me a lot as I have improved my knowledge of Math, Physics and computer science. I have already passed all of the exams and am currently writing a final project.
As one could notice from my university and job experience, I have never stopped at a certain point of development, I am always eager to learn more and more. To tell the truth, I see the sense of my life in working hard, fulfilling myself, achieving all goals set. To my mind, no matter how many efforts your dream or idea demands – if you really want it to come true, you need to do everything possible, overcoming all the difficulties and hassles.
I can admit that being an ambitious person is not that easy and effortless. As the matter of fact, it takes a lot of time and energy to learn every aspect of the area one is interested in. Nevertheless, until you learn as much as possible, you will not be able to become professional in it and the best of the best.
For me fashion is the area to which I would like to dedicate my life. No matter how much energy and time it takes to study it inside out – this loss cannot be compared to the pleasure I have working in this segment of business. My greatest goal and ambition in life is to work as a buyer, which would give me a chance to develop my personal and working skills and travel around the world. This is going to be so exciting! I think that the most beneficial thing about this profession is communicating with very creative people who can teach you a lot of fashion aspects, as well as communicating with ordinary people who can teach you how to make clothes meet their expectations.
Although, I have already received pretty much experience in the fashion sphere, however, I am pretty sure that it is not enough to know how it works and, thus, I definitely need to take the course of Fashion management at UCAS, as I want to be a real professional in what I do and achieve success in this business area. Hopefully, my application will be admitted and I will be able to make my dream come true! This is the sense of my current life and I am ready to overcome all the barriers on my way to the success.

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