Admission Essay On Advantages Of Florida Institute Of Technology’s Location

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:35
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Florida tech's location maximizes student's ability to explore careers, gain work experience and conduct research with faculty in their major field of interest. How would you take advantage of these opportunities?
Education and all the kinds of intellectual activity have always been the major difference between mammals and human beings. Perhaps it sounds corny, though we all came to this Earth in order to accomplish certain mission and, thus, move our human race to a new stage of intellectual progress. I personally would like to make a considerable contribution to mankind, or at least to my country, gaining as much knowledge as possible.
Surely, I have always dreamt about being a successful person who would possess the most precious treasure of all – knowledge and information. In fact, every day I am curious about something and I believe that it is curiosity that nourishes every single cell of my brain. However, I am strongly convinced that there should be certain conditions and surroundings where mental capacity can be extended and developed. I have already defined the place that could perfectly satisfy my hunger for knowledge and make use out of it as well as fulfill my hidden potential - this place is Florida Institute of Technology.
Every person can learn something at home, without studying at any institution, read all the books in the world. However, this person will not be able to do anything useful for the society just sitting and starring at the book pages. On the contrary, when a man is surrounded by even slight opportunities to apply the knowledge gained, the process of progressive intellect and personality development starts. That is why I consider Florida Institute of Technology to be the one that could give me an impetus to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and, thus, research more and more every day.
There is a saying: ‘Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work’ (by Thomas Edison). I think that this explains how opportunities in Florida Institute of Technology work for you – you simply need to work hard and even harder, so that the place where you are could make a successful and smart person out of you with the help of its tools. Being useful to my and next generation is the greatest goal I wish to achieve by means of advantages of Florida Institute of Technology’s location.

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