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Published: 2021-06-22 00:48:25
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Miss J.X.
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My most recent education was at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, UK. I was able to study for a semester in both art and business from September through December 2012. During this period I was fortunate to have access to some private collections in London, many opportunities to visit galleries, and learn about the contemporary art history while developing an understanding of the features of fauvism, expressionism, and surrealism. My gallery visits afforded me the opportunity to begin to learn the relationship between the prices and value of pieces of art. I also had the added experiences of attending art events such as PAD, Frieze Master and the Frieze Art Fair while in London. These provided excellent opportunities to begin my education about how the art market operates, view some great and rare collections, and apply some of the knowledge that I learned in my semester of study to actual pieces of art.
I also completed postgraduate studies at the Cass Business School in London, UK, in the MSc banking and international finance program from September 2011 through September 2012. During this year of study I learned how to think in a more logical manner as I gained insight as to how the economic climate is influenced through supply and demand as this is also applicable in the art market. I was further inspired about art and antiques investments during my mater’s studies. Through that programme I was able to expand my business background which will enhance my knowledge about the value of art and its value as a commodity. The study of international finance will help since the exchange of art is a global enterprise.
Since I wish to begin an endeavor of being able to determine the value of works of art, both of these programmes will help me as I work towards that goal. I also have had the privilege of studying at the University of Durham, UK, where I earned a BA in accounting and finance during my studies from October, 2008 through July 2011. This degree enabled me to learn business fundamentals and guide me down the preliminary path of study towards my present goal.
Additional study opportunities in which I participated included a two-year fine art A-level study programme at John Leggott College, UK, and Graphic Design and Illustration Workshop short courses at Central St. Martin’s College. During these studies I learned how to create paintings using different compositions and experiment using different mediums. I also had the opportunity to visit the National Gallery many times. I had the pleasure of exploring ancient African art, such as collections of African masks, during many visits to the Tate Modern Gallery. I was enthralled to learn that these masks were part of what Picasso’s inspirations. These programmes enabled me to explore and expand my repertoire of fine art and enhance my knowledge of art work while I began my formal education in artistic studies.
The motivation that I have for application to the programme is due to my academic background in business and my desire to combine this knowledge with the study of art. As I learn more about the relationship between economics and the art market I will be able to gain additional insight as to how the relationship between these two fields can develop into potential careers. In addition, I wish to improve my understanding of art history and contemporary art revolution. Additionally, due to my strong passion about art, I would like to gain unparalleled access to art work. Being able to spend countless hours viewing art, developing a growing appreciation for the beauty of the works, and admiring the work and talent of many artists will enable me to expand my knowledge and understanding of different masters of the craft. I am interested in learning about how the history and market factors affect the value of art pieces. I desire to participate in study in this particular art programme as it would establish the best academic platform for my future career in the art business world. Lastly, the semester of study that I have had at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and art business program has solidified my interest in this course of study and the opportunity to study in New York at Christine’s Education in New York as it would enable me to not only study art, but New York culture as well, which is quite different from life in London.
My achievements and awards have included winning the Second Reward of China Teenager Fine Art Competition, the First Reward of China Teenager Calligraphy Competition, and the National Amateur Exam grade Pianist 10 at age 12.
My work experience includes an internship at Ardent Business Advisory, Singapore which enabled me to become more receptive to new ideas and challenges, learn how to network with others, and enhanced my attentiveness to details.
I also volunteered for British Heart Foundation where I was able to raise monetary support for colleagues in an A-level School.
I was involved in the club CSSA Union at Durham University – organized events relating to Chinese culture.
An activity which was of great interest to me involved frequent visits to PAD, Frieze Master, and the Frieze Art Fair.
I am proficient in English.
My hobbies involve art and music. Art is my true love. I enjoy looking at art work, especially fine art. I pass hours at a time viewing pieces of exquisite work, enthralled by their beauty, captured by interpreting what message the artist may have intended, and absorbing the delightfulness of these works. The colors, brush strokes, and emotions that an artist is able to covey to the viewer have always made me feel happy and peaceful. I am talented in music. I believe in a strong correlation between art and music. My ability to understand music enables me to gain an understanding of the artist’s emotion. When I view a piece of art, I can hear the voices that are within the piece.
My goals of attending this program are to expand my knowledge about art history and an increased knowledge about the art market while gaining greater access to view pieces of art. I desire further study as I prepare for a career working with art investment companies. My combined background of a passion for and study of art and study of business and finance help make me uniquely qualified for this career. For these reasons I am highly motivated to earn a Master’s degree in Art History with a concentration on the art market from Christie’s Education.

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