Academic And Professional Goals Statement Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:25:26
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I am due to graduate from Temple University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. My ultimate career goal is to become a professional counsellor in the field of mental health. I would welcome the opportunity to study at your establishment as I believe it will provide me with a solid basis from which to launch my career.
One of my major goals of graduate studies is to understand better the depth that counselling can help people who are suffering from mental distress. During my time spent studying for my Bachelor’s degree I have developed an intense interest in different mental health issues and the ways in which counselling therapy can be used.
I am applying to this establishment due to the thorough and effective foundation provided for work in the mental health counselling field that it offers. I have heard from numerous colleagues and tutors that the university has superior research facilities as well as an excellent reputation regarding its staff. I aim to pursue a career in professional counselling and I believe this establishment would provide me with a firm grounding for my goals.
I expect that graduate work will be challenging and stimulating, and I look forward to channelling my enthusiasm into a course of this type. I expect to find in graduate school the opportunity to learn and to develop, both as an individual and as a professional in the field of psychology. I enjoy learning from professors and working with colleagues in a mutually beneficial environment.
I am one hundred per cent committed to psychology and wish to dedicate my life to it. Achieving my goal of becoming a professional counsellor within the mental health field will lead to my larger goal of helping people suffering from mental distress. I sincerely hope I will have the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment at your establishment.

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