Sunday Night Chef Fights
Sunday Night Chef Fights are a series of live, head- to- head cooking competitions held across the Inland Empire, San Diego, and Orange County.

The brainchild of creator and founder Chris Kern, Sunday Night Chef Fights aims to bring the excitement and culinary mastery of cooking competition television shows such as “Iron Chef,” “Top Chef,” and “Chopped” to a local live audience featuring local chefs of esteem and renown..

What separates Sunday Night Chef Fights from those programs is that instead of using a tasting panel of experts as judges, Sunday Night Chef Fights lets the audience act as judge, jury, and taste- cutioner. And rather than invite only classically- trained and pedigreed executive chefs and restaurant owners to compete in our fights, Sunday Night Chef Fights draws upon locally renowned chefs and cooks from all over the culinary map and a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines – from the aforementioned pedigreed executive chef and restaurant owners to private chefs, country club chefs, competitive contest cooks, cooking instructors, caterers, even the cooks who run local fast- food joints or own popular food trucks around town.

If you’ve got the skills, you can earn your spot, no matter where you come from. Sunday Night Chef Fights is about determining who really is the best cook in town – regardless of name, status, workplace, pedigree, or area of expertise.

How It Works (a.k.a. The Rules of the Fight)

What makes Sunday Night Chef Fights unique is that our Chef Fights not only test a chef’s culinary creativity and their ability to cook against the clock, but also challenge the chef’s ability to create tasty, beautiful culinary creations for our entire audience of gourmets, food lovers and self- proclaimed critics (because let’s face it: deep down we’re all food critics at heart!)

Each Sunday Night Chef Fight will feature two locally renowned chefs competing against each other in front of our live audience. But the competition doesn’t just start there...

One week before the actual Chef Fight date, the two chefs will gather and we’ll draw their base ingredients for their Chef Fight: one protein/meat, one vegetable, and one grain/starch (Don’t worry: we’ll be videotaping the draw and posting it right here on, so you’ll know what you’re getting into before you join us 7 days later).

Each chef will then be given an allowance for which to buy the ingredients for their culinary masterpieces, and then they have one week to plan, prep, and prepare their dishes for the upcoming Chef Fight. Whether they decide to create one dish or multiple dishes, the only rules are that somehow all three base ingredients must be represented (whether all three in one dish, one in each multiple dish, or any combination thereof), and that they’ve got to create enough of each dish to feed every member of our audience/jury.

On the night of the event, each chef and a sous chef of his or her choosing will have just 30 minutes to cook, finish, and plate their dishes. As they cook, they’ll be constantly peppered with questions, impromptu interviews, and comments and commentary from our Sunday Night Chef Fights master of ceremonies, Chris Kern, who’ll provide play- by- play and color commentary of the dishes as they are being created and also comment on each chef’s culinary style and technique.

And did we mention that we’ll be throwing in a mystery ingredient that each chef will have to incorporate into their overall presentation? Yeah, we should probably mention that.

After 30 minutes, we serve the dishes to the audience, they eat, and then they rate the overall meal in three categories: creativity, appearance, and overall taste.

Then, it’s the competing chef’s turn. 30 minutes for him or her as well, we serve, the audience eats and judges, and then we tally up the scorecards and declare our winner.

The winner receives – in addition to the gratitude and adoration that comes with being our reigning Sunday Night Chef Fight champion – one really large trophy and the opportunity to return to our next Sunday Night Chef Fight and defend his or her title. If one chef wins three Chef Fights in a row, he or she is declared a true Sunday Night Chef Fight master and is retired into our Hall of Fame. Our next Chef Fight will then feature two brand- new chefs duking it out to become the new champion.

Vino Vidi Vici

We should also mention that each Sunday Night Chef Fight will feature a very special undercard bout to run concurrently with each Chef Fight: we call these undercard bouts our Vino Vidi Vici wine competition.

Come on, you didn’t think we’d feed you and then forget the wine, did you?

Each Vino Vidi Vici bout will feature three wines that share a common theme., except we’re not going to tell you what they are. That’s right: you get to taste each of them blind.

Every member of our audience jury will get a 2 oz. pour of each wine to enjoy at their leisure during the Sunday Night Chef Fight (additional pours will be available to all audience members for a nominal cash fee). We’ll tell you a little about each wine as the night progresses, but you won’t know the varietal or the producer until the very end of the night.

After tasting all three wines, audience members are invited to choose their favorite. At the end of the night, we’ll once again tally up the votes and declare a winner. But the beauty is, win or lose you’ll be able to purchase your favorite bottle (or bottles) right there and then and take them home that night.

For more on our Vino Vidi Vici undercard, check out our dedicated page .

We Want You!

That’s right: we want you for our Sunday Night Chef Fights.

If you’re a food lover, a burgeoning or experienced gourmet, or someone who is looking for something fun to do on a Sunday that’s going to feed you, educate you, and feed your desire for cutthroat culinary competition, then we invite you check out our upcoming Sunday Night Chef Fights and buy yourself a ticket for the next Sunday Night Chef Fight.

tell us all about yourself. If you cut the mustard from our end, you’ll hear from us, we’ll lace up your apron and throw you in the ring to see whether you sink or fight.